Is illegal and the consequences threaten?

Many users are wondering currently: Is illegal? The trial of the operators are currently running, but with what consequences, users of the site have to expect? We have the answers!

Update of 29 May 2017:

The grace period for users of expired With the current judgment of the ECJ are also users of portals as, M2k, etc. accountable and if necessary taking costly warnings of various firms. More our article reveals: Fatales streaming judgment of the European Court. Stay away from Immediately therefore applies & Co.!

Original from 11/11/2015

Appetite for the new season of Game of Thrones or a new film? Nothing easier than that: On there any title that you can only dream of the free stream. Although the quality of the playback can now and then to be desired, but what the real film and Serienfan does not, to get to the coveted commodity. After downloading the app that's now even more comfortable on the road. Actually, any user should be clear that there can be more than a little strange if you can watch brand new movies or just available only on pay TV series for umme. However, users do such portals actually punishable or are they still on the safe side?

Is illegal

Is illegal? Yes!

At least the operator of currently have to answer in court. The charge is the following: in commercial copyright infringement in over 767,000 cases. While the operators point out that they do not host the content but simply link. But it uses them expected nothing, because even the right of distribution (Copyright Act § 17) lies first with the author of the work. But what do users expect?

Is illegal? Users are currently in a legal gray area

The legal situation is not unique to date: This is partly because no copy is made when streaming in the true sense. The temporary caching of content (as is inevitable when streaming), prepared in accordance with the judgment of the European Court of June 5, 2014 There are no copyright infringement. The judgment is regarded as carte blanche for streaming. Should the legal situation change here (which may well happen), users could § 53 of the Copyright Act to break the neck. Here, the reproduction for private and other personal use be regulated. And right in the first paragraph is written:

Permitted are individual copies [...] in so far not used for copying a template manifestly unlawful produced or made publicly available.

That may be the case with YouTube, at contrast, no user can claim that he had gone out from a legal source. The question: "Is illegal," can be answered with only because of the current track that would otherwise only be obtained for cash, "Yes!".

This is what users expect

Before the above-mentioned judgment of the European Court of Justice came there by shrewd lawyers to a series of warnings: Tens of thousands RedTube users have been sentenced for alleged copyright infringement to payments. In addition to a cease and desist individuals should reimburse 250 euros per film, which were composed as follows:

  • 149,50 € legal fees
  • 65,00 € Determining costs
  • 15,50 € damages
  • 20.00 € postal package

Similar consequences could face users of portals like For it is foreseeable that the current gray area will sooner or later been clearly indicated. To be on the safe side, can legally stream with these alternatives. These portals allow legal movie enjoyment and are also free of charge!