“Diapers are not included in the purchase” warns the manufacturing side of the survival shocker. Necessary if they were, however, because while playing Outlast can ever lose control of himself.

The Outlast Download teaches every fear

Fans of the horror genre and single-player games should definitely download Outlast. The game is played from a first person perspective the reporter Miles Upshur. This has got the tip from an anonymous informant that in the mental hospital “Mount Massive” things are going on that are incompatible with the Hippocratic Oath. With camcorder and notepad to Upshur goes at night on the dilapidated area to expose the machinations of Murkoff Society. Up to this point plot and setting are typical for the genre, but has anyone hoping to freizuballern the way, is out of place here. Although the game combines many features of the horror genre, but the main character in Outlast is powerless.

Outlast download

In Outlast it comes to survival

Real horror comes from fainting, and that’s what makes the Outlast download advantage. The player has no weapons or superhuman superpowers. Be single tool is the night vision mode his camera. Although a glance into the darkness takes energy, and batteries are life-threatening. The player interacts a lot with its surroundings. Obstacles are skipped, walls are for orientation and even the smallest niches are used as hiding places. Sun is also an inconspicuous locker to hide and ensures gruesome moments of breathless waiting, while breathing and shuffling noises (hopefully) pass. The mission is very clear survival. Medical records and notes provide interesting additional information on the backstory of the department “Research and charity”, but have no influence on the course of the game.

Outlast Download Night Vision

The developers of the game know their business

The game was developed by Red Barrels in Montreal. All the founders of the company have worked on many renowned games and Outlast clearly benefits from this experience. The game impresses with the perfectly balanced atmosphere. Camera angles, motion blur, sound effects and highly detailed horror scenes combine to Symphony of Horror. The attention to detail is also reflected in the movements again, resulting in a more realistic perception. While crawling and climbing the player his own arms and hands see, carry the traces of past stages. The game has been September 2013 as a PC game on the market and has been extended because of its popularity with versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since June 2014, the Download Outlast is also: Whistleblower offered. It is the prologue to the game, is experienced from the perspective of the above informants.

Good horror with small defects Outlast the player experienced a bad trip of the best kind. The powerlessness of the game are also its strength and weakness. On the one hand you delivered the game helpless, which keeps the adrenaline level high. On the other hand, this is an easy routine, because the player has to run away only the possibilities and to hide. Who wants to bare horror, is right here.