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With the eSankey per download the user can process complex relationships in the form of Sankey diagrams graphically, thus making faster course. Lots of sample charts are incorporated in the software and help you get started. Typical application examples include for example the visual representation of energy flows or Wäremtransfers, but also the costs and cost distributions. In this way, the software helps to identify inefficiencies and potential savings. For construction engineers and architects kidney, there are numerous free programs from the category construction and trade in our download catalog. In this division also eSankey per download falls, although this software applies also to a wider audience. So-called Sankey diagrams can be useful in many different industries. They are suitable not only for the display of energy flows, energy transfer, energy efficiency and heat losses in construction, but also for visualization of economic added value and cost distributions.

Helpful sample diagrams in eSankey per download included

Basically with Sankey diagrams all kinds of mass flows visualize. In this way, the diagrams help to identify potential for saving and inefficiencies and potential savings. Unlike flowcharts quantities are visualized by different thick arrows. The thicker the arrow, the higher the "expenditure". In eSankey per download some sample diagrams are available that are useful when working with the program and the visualization of its own data.

eSankey per download

Export Sankey diagrams in various formats

The software is available in several languages ​​(including English, German, French and Spanish). The individual windows can be displayed either floating or anchored. You can also completely hide individual windows. Scaling to various units such as quantity, surface or currency is also possible, such as printing and exporting of diagrams in various formats (including JPG, GIF or BMP). Even the automated import of flow values ​​from Excel pro is possible with eSankey, provided the user uses Microsoft Excel 2002 or a later version. Numerous functions for drawing aid in the visualization of the rivers. Images may be integrated text elements are freely rotatable, and the gradients within the arrows can be changed. Very useful is the multiple editing graphical elements. The various flows, processes, material flows, heat loss, cost distributions and their compounds can be represented by various graphical elements such as, for example, ellipses, rectangles or rounded rectangles.

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