DB timetable information

The German train sets with DB timetable information, a downloadable version for the current timetable period available. So the train passengers can retrieve the timetables and interesting information for his trip planning even without access to the Internet. Internet a weekly update of the roadmap data is desired. DB timetable information includes the timetable data for compounds of Deutsche Bahn and other transport companies in Germany and much of Europe. It includes data from about 1.6 million trips (trains, buses, ships, etc.) and of more than 50,000 stations and 250,000 stops. With DB timetable information the user clear departure and arrival boards for certain stops and stations has at hand. The routes can be visualized as a map. Quite informative, the ICE / IC / EC network plans in PDF format. DB timetable information is a useful addition to the online timetable information of Deutsche Bahn for train travelers. The freeware ensures that all timetables are available even without access to the Internet. It is a very helpful resource for planning rail travel.