Dragon City

Dragon City

With the free Dragon City app can test their skills as a dragon breeder prove users. The app keeps cute dragon babies ready to be grown into powerful fire-eaters. Bit by bit built to his own kingdom full of dragons and magical buildings and makes his kites compete against others.

In the Dragon City app for Dragon Master

The app comes from the Spanish development team Social Point, whose pen, as the game Monster Legends comes. That both games are of the same origin, can not be overlooked on the basis of similarities. While there are very different monsters and creatures in the Monster game, everything revolves in Dragon City just a mythical figure – dragons.

Dragon City appDragon City app free for Android

The Dragons game can be played on Facebook, Amazon and on iOS and Android. To The latter is at the offered download. Users can install it on devices running Android version 4.0. In the game in-app purchases are available, which can be used if necessary, but not necessarily.

Dragon City Android: A home for Dragons

In the game app gamers are sought who love dragons, because here everything revolves around the little creatures. The application combines classic building game, need to make at the user on the one hand for the establishment of a dragon town and have to face as a breeder to prove to the other their skills. connects the whole thing with action elements, because the dragon can compete against other players dragon.

Dragon City app dragon speciesMore than 100 cute dragon

App brings over 100 different dragons

Are used by over 100 different dragon types are available in the Dragon City app – and new ones are added continuously. Who wants to start his own collection, so get plenty of choice. There are also ten dragon species that vary in appearance and in properties. In addition to the typical fire-dragon, who is known from Knight Say, for example, there also Electric Icecube or dragon. The user can also create entirely new dragon by crossing different species.

Dragon City app fightscompete against dragons thousands players

The sweet dragon baby to feared fighter

The aim is to make the cute little dragon babies, obtained first by skillful breeding, training and good care a strong fighter. Soon, the little babies have grown into large creatures that can compete in the arena with enemy dragons. One can indulge in ferocious dragon duels against thousands of other players.

Also possible are games with friends. So you can help with gifts or admire the established Dragon Islands of the other mutually. In addition, a week waiting for new missions that will provide variety.