Doom is one of the most important milestones in the development of the genre of first-person shooter. When the shooting game in 1993 appeared, it offered revolutionary PC graphics for its time. Doom landed because of the dripping blood of pixel game play in Germany but quickly to the list of indexed games. It was not until 2011, the BPJM raised indexing again. In the Web App Doom is a one-to-one port of the first freely available Doom Episode "Knee Deep In The Dead", The background story of Doom is quickly told: A Space Marine fighting on Mars against zombies, demons and other mutated creatures. Munter along the lines of: "Shoot first and ask questions afterwards", Playing through numerous levels, which are interspersed with simple puzzles. The own alter ego in controlling Doom with arrow keys or the keys W, A, S, D. doors or switch you pressed the R key. shot by pressing the space bar while you're running by using the shift key and via number keys makes the choice of weapon. Per Table one displays a map of the current level in Doom. By collecting health packs are filled life lost power again. Furthermore, additional ammunition and bulletproof vests are scattered throughout the levels. With Doom the most important representative of the early first-person shooter genre celebrating the browser a successful "revival", Although the graphics naturally to the level of 1993 "frozen" is, Doom has lost none of his shooter qualities. In short, a vivid games recommendation for anyone who is not bothered by pixel blood.

Limitations of Doom

Doom Web App requires a modern browser with installed Adobe Flash 10th