Flow Free Solutions of the 10 most difficult level

Flow Free Solutions of the 10 most difficult level

The puzzle app has quite a kick when the field expanded to up to 14×14 fields. We have the Flow Free Solutions collected. Now look secretly and win!

Granted, with the download of Flow Free App lands not particularly detailed graphics-creation on the Android smartphone. However, one must leave the game one: the simple gameplay is perfect for a short pastime, but hardly the first level is played, you will not put it down. And if you still stuck in a level – can you look at it anymore.

Flow Free Solutions without auszubeiƟen teeth

The highlight of Flow Free is the ever increasingly complex field. Thus the claim is also raised and the solutions are always tricky. First, the game app seems very easy to master. An array of 5×5 squares is manageable, the same color dots are connected quickly.

Flow Free Solutions

The next stages of 6×6, 7×7 and 8×8 can still be solved with a little more effort entirely. But from a size of 10×10 the whole is already really hairy. Finally, the user must use all fields when he makes the connections between points. In addition, the pipes must not cross. Since you can lose track quickly – especially on small mobile phone display. The field size of 14×14 appears as almost insurmountable. But do not worry, we will add it! We have the Flow Free Solutions of 10 levels of the largest playing field (14×14) figured out and gathered here.

Solutions Flow Free 14×14 Level 1-5

In the pictures below we have compiled the Flow Free Solutions for Level 1 to 5 of the board 14×14. 15-11 flows must be implemented per level.

Level 1:
In the first level you start best with the yellow dots and then works its way from the upper outer edge slowly downward. Especially tricky is the detour at the slightly further apart petrol-colored dots. Even the white pipe has to meander zigzag default.

Flow Free Solutions Level 1

Level 2:
In the second level you can start down the purple dot on the left. The connection is performed over the entire bottom to gray dot. The connection between the brown dots next to it is also one of the trickiest, because you have to navigate around to the red tube.

Flow Free Solutions Level 2

Level 3:
Between the gray, yellow, pink, purple and brown spots three direct links (ie very short lines) are drawn into Level. The line between the white dots is drawn on the right side and then moves around the yellow pipe.

Flow Free Solutions Level 3

Level 4:
In the fourth level the flow Free solutions or connections between the beige, turquoise and teal-colored points are the most complicated. A direct line is drawn between the white dots, yellow and gray are linked together via a single corner.

Flow Free Solutions Level 4

Level 5:
The yellow dots are in Level five connected via a detour through the lower purple point. The flow of brown spots extends along the edge, from top to bottom right. A straight line is drawn between the dark blue, the orange phosphor and green dots.

Flow Free Solutions Level 5

Flow Free 14×14 Solutions Level 6-10

In the previous five rounds of the users had to create more than 15 flow per level. Although the number varies in the Level 6 to 10, but moves 13-16 flows. The next pictures show the Flow Free Solutions for these levels.

Flow Free Solutions Level 6

Level 6:
The sixth level starts with the highest number of flows. The user has to connect 32 points to 16 tubes. In addition to the connection between the red dots there are no direct lines, so they run around corners. In particular, many zigzag curves occur here.

Flow Free Solutions Level 7

Level 7:
The seventh level is a little easier. There is hardly zigzag connections and apart from the blue dots (one is in the upper left corner), the roads are relatively straightforward. Especially the lower three colors dark blue, gray and green have only a corner.

Flow Free Solutions Level 8

Level 8:
As in the seventh 14 flows are worked out in the eighth round. The pipes are very different. While the red, gray, dark green, beige and orange connections are directly or very short, the three blue, purple and pink Rohe meander through the half pitch.

Flow Free Solutions Level 9

Level 9:
13 Flow Free solutions or flows are needed for the ninth level. At the trickiest is the connection between the orange points for the player. The dark blue, beige, and white dots can be patched despite relatively large distance link via a direct route.

Flow Free Solutions Level 10

Level 10:
In the tenth level of the gamer has to find 14 links. Apart from the purple tube which is first drawn along the right edge, the compounds are not quite so confused as in other levels.