Found! Opa where is the mobile solutions

Updated on 04 October 2016: There are new levels for Opa where is the mobile app! Unfortunately, there are not many, but the latest Opa where is the mobile solutions there's still with us:

  • Level 32In the first screen you will find behind the large sofa cushions a rope in the refrigerator a bottle of champagne binds the rope in the second screen on the hook of the ship (surprised actually anyone about what Sun appears everything in this apartment?).. drangehangen bottle and tapped. Schiffstaufe Ahoy!
  • Level 33: It's out of the apartment! We are on vacation at the beach. Granddaughter chills, the mobile phone is easy to discover. But just take is not natural. Take the dragon, ties him to a chair and sets the fan. Since this only gives off a gentle breeze, get on to the second screen. In the case a screwdriver, with which the battery can be removed from the jet ski is located. Hit the fan with it!

We are eager to know when developers Lotum comes and with new levels around the corner will keep you up to date of course.

Article of 28 September 2016: With the Opa where is the mobile app conquered just a whole new puzzle game from the house of 4 images 1 word-maker smartphones in the world. We have the best Opa where is the mobile solutions together - because that tricky and very entertaining game presents the user from the task of supporting Grandpa in the search for the device of desire. And that is not always easy.

Opa where is the mobile solutions

The smartest Opa where is the mobile solutions

The free game, which turns out to be a healthy mix of point-and-click Escape game, puzzle and adventure game, breaking all records and fascinates with its mistaken solutions to more users for days. These solutions are but partly so crazy that it is often difficult to do so much to think outside the box.

In the first level, the challenge is not too high, but quickly pulls the difficulty of. Especially in higher levels there might be several ways to raise the target device again. Currently 30 includes the game plus a special level - but there are regularly new ones.

observed: Who goes directly to approach, takes certainly a lot of fun in the game. This grandpa where is the mobile solutions here are therefore only a guide for the moments when you really do not progresses.

Incidentally, it may be that the levels do not appear every time in the order with us. This includes pizza special levels, but also the other puzzles may be mixed under certain circumstances.

Opa where is the mobile solutions trick the granddaughterOften it is the granddaughter that arises Grandpa in the way.

Level 1 to 10

Here we go with the Opa where is the mobile solutions:

  • Level 1We simply start: The mobile phone is under the sofa.
  • Level 2: Just turn off the lights - then you see light up the phone.
  • Level 3: A kangaroo in the room! But it can be easily transported to the left ...
  • Level 4: Grab remote control - this is the granddaughter to be deflected.
  • Level 5: Now it's a bit trickier. You need to collect bones. Click on the helmet on the shelf and collects the first bone. Then you take the bone from the bowl in the second image and pours cat food out of the closet inside. The cat in the first image drops her bones. then take the stool, puts him under the lamp and take the bone there. There is, incidentally, also a second. Open the door: a toilet. Goes back to the first screen, built with the bones together to Dino, who then disappears towards the toilet and drops the phone.
  • Level 6 / Level Pizza: A level moves and appears each player at another position. For us it was Level 6: The Pizza level! Here it is necessary to collect on two screens all pizza slices, to place them in the oven and create a whole pizza granddaughter. Looks in fish bowl, in the closet, in the refrigerator (not the freezer!), In the dustbin, in the upper part of the first screens and under the carpet. Then in the oven and ready-made pizza for offspring.
  • Level 7And the next animal, a donkey. Carrots are in the fridge. Laying on the carpet, then open the door.
  • Level 8The Fakir (the grandma?) Seems quite all - what he wants with the basketball? So replace it with the crystal ball behind the curtain.
  • Level 9: Take the tire out of the cabinet and the door and not attached to the fire engine, but in the armchair of the granddaughter.
  • Level 10In the drawer there's chewing gum. Take, open the window on the way to offer granddaughter and the granddaughter chewing gum.

Opa where is the mobile solutions Animal thingThe wildlife is very rich in species represented in the game ...

Level 11 to 20

Continuing with the Opa where is the mobile phone solutions to the next level.

  • Level 11Someone the remote control has placed in the closet. And switch on the TV.
  • Level 12The Dino is back! OK. Give him two rolls of toilet paper - it needs a lot of it. keep the rest.
  • Level 13: Switching on the light in the second screen, enter champagne from the fridge granddaughter (with helmet), and then - yes, actually - shake one's cell phone.
  • Level 14: Look on the second screen in the cabinet by rope and carrot - fasten both on the hook so that the television is on. The granddaughter judges the movie then probably more interesting than the smartphone.
  • Level 15: Take chili from the plant and give the cat. And please do not try this at home with the real cat!
  • Level 16: Oma Fakir is back in the game. Take the flowers, it represents the sink, take the glass of water and the sponge and pulls both in succession on the glass ball. Then you find a hammer under the carpet. You know what to do.
  • Level 17: Beastly something going on here in the booth. (But not the pizza! Since complains granddaughter) Give the llama food from the refrigerator and wait what happens.
  • Level 18The cat really has to suffer in the game. take the second screen crowbar out of the closet, leave cabinet in the first screen, with the adhesive tape the cat flap seal and tap cat.
  • Level 19: Push the chicken from the refrigerator to the oven and allow the fire truck to do his service.
  • Level 20: Adjust the volume of the own cell phones.

Level 21 to 31

And more Opa where is waiting the mobile phone solutions.

  • Level 21: Sets the chair in front of the door and the vacuum cleaner before the plant.
  • Level 22: Take the beans from the plants (for God's sake not out of the closet), throw them into the hole and grab the ladder.
  • Level 23: Take cover and place it over the cat, then the second screen wheels off the fire truck and remove the horn and open the door.
  • Level 24: Do not let them distract you and tapped three times on the clock until Omi appears.
  • Level 25: With the tape out of the closet seal the rear cabinet, light, give Teddy the granddaughter and close the curtains - and then wait until the little one asleep saved.
  • Level 26Dino Time! (What a mess ...) throw pillows on the floor and banana peel out of the closet before the Dino.
  • Level 27: Sets the cheese (! Not the trapped) on the carpet and give grandma the flute.
  • Level 28: Woman granddaughter chills again. Sets her lampshade on his head and grab the cell phone.
  • Level 29Okay, even more animals. A whale in the kitchen is quite normal. but ignored him first, all cast from the refrigerator in the toilet and flushed down, so that the Good does not have to continue to be on dry land
  • Level 30: You need a friend with whom you have to share a code for this level. Give these and your own code (in the overview screen on the phone to find) under the gripping one.
  • Level 31: Sets the Dino earplugs and turns on the first screen the volume of your own phones on.

Opa where is the mobile solutions new level in viewWho helped Grandpa and could escape the wrath of the granddaughter, has to wait for new levels under certain circumstances.

That was it also first - but Grandma Fakir already provides more levels in the future. Once there are new levels, we extend this list with the Opa where is the mobile solutions - if we do not despair even ...