More sound effects with Audacity plugins

Anyone with extra effects will give the final touch audio, can be integrated into Audacity plugins. learn here which plugins are supported. With the free Audacity download one of the most popular audio programs comes on the home PC. The virtual studio allows to work simultaneously on the user up to 16 tracks, it also brings with tools for cutting, mixing, format and edit audio files. But amateur audio hobbyists like the free audio tool not only for its inherently large range of features, but because this basis of countless Audacity plugins also can be expanded easily.

Countless Audacity plugins are supported

The audio editor and recorder is factory equipped with an extensive range of functions and effect and thus very powerful. What musician and amateur DJs should please: One end is not yet in sight. The tool can be easily extended with plugins Audacity - which opens the doors wide to other design options. So plugins can bring other effects or provide more analysis options and audio generation. What forms of expansion are supported by the Audio tool is explained below. Audacity plugins LADSPA plugin The LADSPA plugin is actually Ladspa. This type of expansion is responsible for the processing of audio signals and is used in most cases for effects. Often it is audio effects such as chorus, delay or reverb. In the market they are available, among others, as a 90-piece sets. Examples of this type are the swh plugins by Steve Harris that come along as a collection of effects or the TAP plugins. but some LADSPA effects are already included from the factory in the editor. LV2 plugins Audacity also supports LV2 plugins, strictly speaking, are regarded as successors of the above LADSPA. These extensions run on all operating systems. Audacity plugins nyquist Nyquist Plugins These effects were named after the American physicist Nyquist and usually come as * .ny scripts therefore. They can be used on all operating systems. Nyquist effects can also easily test. VST plugins The selection of these extensions is very large, so make different party VST effects available. VSTs are easily used on both Mac and Windows, which previously required VST Enabler is not currently needed in Audacity. Audacity plugin installation

Easy integration of plug-ins in Audacity

The special feature is that the audio editor has been designed to allow plugins can be extremely easy to integrate. First, the respective extension must be downloaded. The downloads usually come as a folder on the PC. In the next step, the folders are simply drawn into the installation folder of the tool. In Mac OS X this can be found at applications for Windows programs. In Linux, users have the option to choose different plugin places. enable the extensions by restarting the program. Then automatically appear in the menus like effect, analysis and generating.