Astro Connect software

Of the Astro Connect software download calculated and indicated various aspects in the context of astrology. To this end, the shareware offers, among other things, a database of geographical locations to more than 100,000 villages.

Astro Connect software download with the astrological data for many prominent

In addition to astrological functions Astro Connect expects software also time zones and dates of the summer and winter periods. The aspects of the stars, among other radix, solar, lunar or transits. Optional explanatory text of a famous Swiss astrologer available from the manufacturer. In addition, fans of different celebrities will find the astrological data of their idols. Astro Connect software lists here, for example, to such illustrious personalities such as Franz Beckenbauer, Konrad Adenauer or Albert Einstein.

Astro Connect software downloadAstro Connect software download for the calculation of horoscopes

Limitations of Astro Connect software

The 30-day trial version is limited to five new calculations and contains only databases for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.