Change Netflix password and protect the account

It is generally advisable to change passwords regularly. Then you should not make an exception even when streaming service. In this article, we explain how to do that Change Netflix password can and protects his account from unauthorized access.

Change the password can be used both in the browser and in the Netflix app or on all other devices where Netflix can be used.

Change Netflix password

discovered unauthorized access? Change Netflix password now!

Sometimes strange goings fall on - even when streaming service. Suddenly, it is said it would simultaneously accessed too many devices or appear series and films in the Watchlist, you have certainly not seen itself or the co user.

Whenever such inconsistencies occur every user should think about the change Netflix password and protect their account. After all, it's not just that someone gets free access to the streaming offer, but there are also sensitive information in the Account Overview, which should not fall into the wrong hands.

One possible reason for the unauthorized access must not even be old friends or partners. There are also rogue providers who promise free Netflix access and distribute the credentials cracked accounts to other users. To prevent this, there is only the regular changing of the access.

choose strong password

To replace the password, you should first think of you a strong new password. Here the motto is: the longer, the better. And numbers, and special characters or uppercase and lowercase letters can not hurt. Here, you must not even take a wild combination. One set, for example, provided with a number in between, can be a very strong password. Even with password managers like 1Password Download can work well.

Change Netflix password new passwordTo assign a new password, you'll find the settings in the account. (Image: Screenshot Netflix / Editorial)

Is a new password chosen, you proceed as follows:

  1. Login you with your old password when Netflix one.
  2. Gets the top right of the account settings on your profile. This found under "My Account".
  3. You can find near the top among membership and billing "Change Password" entry. Click it to.
  4. Now you have to your current password and enter the newly-elected twice.
  5. You should select "Login with the new password on all devices enforce" select before your stores, so you can be sure that only one of you, inaugurated user access.
  6. Click Save and you've set your new password.

Change Netflix Password Password strengthNow think up a strong new password and store everything. (Image: Screenshot Netflix / Editorial)

If you want to completely on the safe side, you can watch log out well in advance on all devices. This possibility you will find in the account in the settings. Then you can still your Netflix password change - or then should you do it.

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  • And if you use Microsoft Edge, you can change your passwords with the Edge password manager browser manage themselves.