Blind Spot Stream: See the FBI picture puzzle online!

At the Blind Spot Stream is it this is an exciting American Crime series, in which a mysterious woman with many tattoos but with no memory on the long search for your own identity. We tell whether Blind Spot Netflix via the Netflix app or other video-on-demand services can be streamed and when the blind spot Season 2 appears. learn more here!

Blind Spot Stream: Who is the mysterious woman with no memory?

The focus of blind spot is a mysterious woman (Jaimie Alexander), whose body is almost completely tattooed. It is found at the beginning naked on the New York Times Square in a large travel bag. Since it first has no memory of its own past, the FBi is clueless to who it is and what is behind the mysterious tattoos. One of the names on her body points to the Fed Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton).

Blind Spot StreamBlind Spot Stream: A woman with no memory, a body full of tattoos. source NBC

Soon the FBI concludes that behind each of the intricate tattoos put a particular case or a crime that must be resolved in order for the true identity of the woman of Agent Weller "Jane Doe" called to come and solve the puzzle.

Jane Doe is part of the FBI investigators teams

Jane gets more and more often brief flashbacks from her past. It is also thought that she was a member of a special unit after it proves to be real fighting machine with threats. Since they also speaks several languages ​​and can assist in the investigation, it is conveyed to the part of the FBI investigator teams.

Blind Spot Season 2 since September 2016 NBC

The Blind Spot Season 1 was first broadcast on 21 September 2015 at the NBC and ran in the US until the season finale on May 23, 2016. Following the success has already been given shortly after the production of a Blind Spot Season 2 known, in turn, on NBC can be seen beginning on September 14 2016th

Blind Spot Season 1 on free TV on Sat.1

The rights for the German-language premiere of the pay-TV channel Sat.1 emotions had secured where the blind spot Season 1 runs since July 19 2016th In Austria, the German-speaking free-TV premiere was on September 1, 2016 ORF eins. It was soon followed by the first episode of Blind Spot Season 1 in German Free-TV from 8 September 2016 Sat.1 and Switzerland from September 7, 2016 on TV24.

Many friends of the crime series wondering when the Blind Spot Season 2 also in this country will be on display. This is expected to be no later than September 2017, the case further if the time interval to the US Originalaustrahlung is maintained.

Blind Spot stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and Videoload

Who wants to see Blind Spot online, accesses the Blind Spot stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes or Videoload. There the blind spot Season 1 in the original English version and the German synchronization and blind spot can be seen Season 2 in the English original. Blind Spot Netflix is, however, unfortunately currently unavailable.