Schedule and birthday planner (Excel)

Futures and birthday planners is forgetful and very busy as a simple memory aid. The table includes not only forthcoming weighing parties and appointments, but also points out the need of it.

Schedule and birthday planners Download with reliable reminder

The memory function uses, depending on the setting even on a human voice back. If you want, sent by clicking on an appropriate button a congratulatory email to the birthday girl, for which the deadline and birthday planners of the default mail program operated.

Thus the list of appointments is not lost with time overcrowded and any overview of the schedule and birthday planners copied past appointments automatically to an archive lineup. On board the Excel spreadsheet also has a perpetual calendar, in which holidays are marked in color.

Schedule and birthday planners Download

Limitations of futures and birthday planner (Excel)

The trial version only eight birthdays and six appointments can be entered.

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Schedule and birthday planners Download Editor's Rating