How does Instagram? A Short Guide

How does Instagram? The social network is currently among the most popular and is even used by celebrities. Who does not know the service can read the key features here!

Instagram is used primarily by mobile phone. While there is a browser version, but has limited features. As mainly photos and videos can occasionally be published with the service, so worth the download Instagram for Android or iOS, because only with the app, images can also provide online. The service has been around since 2010 and was sold about 2012 for the then record-breaking sum of 737 USD to Facebook - even though the app at this time had only twelve employees and no functioning monetization model.

How does Instagram? Installation and Registration

After installation, a user account must first be created. For this, open the app and selected on the home screen, select Register. Since Instagram now part of the Facebook empire, you can - if available - log in with his Facebook data. In addition, a username and password must be set. Following friends can be searched from the address book or from Facebook and followed them. If you follow his postings appear on the personal timeline other Instagram users. Instagram also proposes other interesting profiles that can be followed. Besides truly outstanding photographers also numerous celebrities frolicking on Instagram, share personal photos with their fans.

How does Instagram? The functions

In addition to viewing of other images, can be personalized with your own Instagram photos or videos create. Based on the classic camera Instamatic and Polaroid images created with the app always have a square format. Especially popular Instagram was through the filters, which give the images within seconds, a different effect. These are so good that they say with Instagram could be any bad photos.

Publish a photo on Instagram

If you want to share a photo with others, first the camera icon in the center of the lower menu bar needs to be tapped. Following you can either select a medium from the gallery or take a new photo or video with your mobile phone. Once you have caught a photo, the image automatically opens in edit mode. Here can manually adjust brightness, contrast and Co. or create one of the filter to the image. By clicking on the top right arrow takes you to the publishing options. Optionally, you can share the image with selected contacts or all users on Instagram. As you know it from Facebook at these other persons or the location where the picture was taken leave, Mark. Now just choose a caption and click on the check mark the image is posted.

How does Instagram?How does Instagram? select recipients

The mystery of hashtags

As Instagram works now so that you address enables many people? The real art lies in the proper indexing of images with hashtags. Using the hashtags photos and videos can search for specific terms. After entering the pound sign (#) you are an appropriate tags on the image. Meanwhile hit lists found in the network itself with the most popular hashtags. To attract as many followers, the right choice is crucial. A rule there is not in this case applies here: the pudding is in!