Key Management for Access

At the Key Management for Access Download is it is a network-enabled database application based on Microsoft Access. It can thus locking systems of all kinds are managed. It supports Microsoft Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and-2013.

Key Management for Access Download for managing Schließanalagen

The application allows you to: Create and manage key and cylinder data, as well as master keys, defining groups, printing of forms for the issuance of keys and group keys to the employees, importing personal data from an Excel spreadsheet.

Key management is suitable for small and large businesses, offices, educational institutions and associations. With the clear and thoughtful database can be fairly straightforward keys or locks, master key, group key, cylinder, locking systems and manage all personal data.

Key Management for Access Download

The menu-driven user interface provides an effective solution to keep track of key systems. For example, are created in lending or the output of a key to employees and club members forms a key collection. The user creates personal data or import them from an existing Excel spreadsheet. It can then divide the personal data in groups such as departments or business areas and automatically generate concise lists and analyzes of the existing data. The number of records (groups, cylinders, keys, etc.) is not limited. Numerous other Office programs for free download are included in our extensive software catalog.