Spotify does not start – here’s help!

The party guests are coming, but Spotify does not start? There quick help before champagne or beer are warm!

Spotify is the undisputed leader among the music streaming services. Innovative, current and virtually trouble-free, the Swedish market leader millions of people supplied with music. But what if the player zickt? Usually only the new installation helps; the link to Spotify's download is right here.

Spotify does not start - Check out all accounts

Actually Spotify works virtually trouble-free. If the program still can not be start on your PC or you do not have access to his account, in most cases, the software must be reinstalled. Sometimes however, to usage restrictions, if you have forgotten to log out on a friend's computer or the workplace. In order to catch up, you have to follow only the following steps. Simply call the profile settings and view account select the menu item. In the browser window, the overview of the current settings of the account is opened. In the lower part of the site, the option will unsubscribe everywhere. this option If you click on, is any device that is open on the Spotify - whether, logged in web player, PC or smartphone. After logging in again, the service should be started again.

Spotify does not startSource: Spotify

The classic of the error messages: Connection Issues

Although you can also use Spotify in offline mode, but the streaming service is currently usually connected to the Internet on the PC. If one has the case and Spotify does not start, you should exclude connectivity problems or resolve. Simply check the connection status as follows:

  • The computer is restarted
  • Under the Start menu, point system control and the option to check Internet connection status

Spotify does not start connection

If everything is not working: Reinstalling

Despite Internet connection: Spotify will not start! Then only reinstall helps. For this, a few steps must be followed:

  1. Spotify may not be executed, possibly with the file selecting the exit option
  2. Perform removal under the following path: Start -> Control Panel - > programs -> uninstall programs -> Spotify
  3. Restart your computer
  4. download Spotify
  5. install Spotify new

Spotify does not start reinstallingSource: Spotify

After reinstalling you have the latest version on the computer and the streaming service should function smoothly. It may take some time until all the playlists are synchronized.

Last alternative: the Spotify web player

If the software despite all these measures remain silent, you can alternatively pick up the web player. Here you can log in with his password and use Spotify with almost full functionality - but only with a working Internet connection.

Spotify web player does not startSource: Spotify