Huawei Nova manual

Huawei Nova manual

Of the Huawei Nova manual Download presented on 154 pages everything to know about popular smartphone of the Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier. The Huawei Nova manual explains settings, apps and features with all the details and also has numerous tips and tricks.

Huawei Nova manual download as a helpful and detailed PDF guide

The Huawei Nova smartphone was unveiled at the IFA 2016 in Berlin. There are two versions of the device with single and dual SIM. The Huawei Nova has a 5 inch display with 1080×1920 pixels, a neatly machined metal casing and fairly good transmission and reception capabilities. The battery performance are also among the plus points. A fingerprint sensor unlocks the screen. For satisfactory pace the octa-core platform makes MSM 8953 Qualcomm with 2 GHz clock and 3 GB of memory.

About 21 GB of free space remain the user can expand this with a MicroSD card at will. Although the 12-megapixel camera on the back and the 8-megapixel model on the front do not have optical image stabilization, but shoot images in acceptable quality. Various configuration options and automatic modes are here the user is available,

Huawei Nova manual DownloadHuawei Nova manual Download with numerous tips and tricks to use (picture: Huawei / Editorial)

The Huawei Nova manual explains the device design and the first steps

Those who want to fully exploit all Huawei Nova features should the Huawei Nova manual download does not miss, which explains on 154 pages all detailed settings, apps and features in detail and also offers practical help when problems arise. The Huawei Nova handbook begins with chapters Exciting new features, unpacking the phone and transfer data. It continues with the manual issues First-time use, and initial setup, installing apps and Getting Started in Huawei Nova. Here are tips and tricks that calls and contacts and messages and emails.

Huawei Nova manual Download Device componentsUnit Design and Initial (Picture: Huawei / Editorial)

Calendar, Clock, Weather and Notepad

In the next section the proud owner of Huawei smartphones Nova learns informative to camera and gallery, music and video as well as to access the Internet. The next sections are devoted to the theme up and restore, file management, power management and phone manager. The Huawei Nova User Guide explains all the tools of calendar, clock, weather and Notepad to computer and sound recordings.

Huawei Nova manual Download CameraDetailed explanation of the camera options (Picture: Huawei / Editorial)

Sound settings, gestures and navigation

The reader of Huawei Nova instructions experiences in the settings, among others, as it enabled location access, location accuracy increases in rooms, changed the sound settings and uses gestures and navigation settings. It will follow the busboy functions before the Appendix provides advice on getting help, data security and a list of security functions.

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