Phase 6

Phase 6

With the Phase 6 Download improve foreign language learners their skills. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended to Germany’s leading vocabulary trainer with more than one million users and teachers in more than 4,000 schools.

Phase 6 Download: Professional Vocabulary for students

Phase 6 provides appropriate educational content to school textbooks from all major publishers. The software uses either its own pool of questions back or fed by the user with content. The vocabulary trainer is available in several different editions.

  • phase-6 classic: designed for all textbooks and all languages
  • phase-6 Ciach: language trainer app English with intelligent feedback
  • phase-6 high5: Vocabulary trainer for English in primary school
  • phase-6 Hello: Vocabulary App for children without knowledge of German

Phase 6 Download

Vocabulary with high learning efficiency

Through integration of image and sound to increase their learning efficiency. Using various teaching techniques the coach supports the user in the appropriation of the substance. First of all wakes of "stock" the learning memory on, after several phases solidify the knowledge. A statistics provide information on the progress of learning performance. Vocabulary must be no more bogey with phase-sixth Thanks to scientifically proven methods the tutorial student support on the way to success. Phase 6 is not only suitable for students. Companies also are using it for the training of their employees.

Phase 6 Download Vocabulary

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