WhatsApp update Android: To update the Messenger 2023

WhatsApp update Android: To update the Messenger

With the WhatsApp update Android Stay up to date and use all the new features right away. So can find and install the latest version. More here!

Depending on the settings specified for updates in the system settings, the latest version of WhatsApp is automatically downloaded for Android. Actually have users therefore do nothing – except: you have automatic updates turned off, were long gone connected to the WLAN or simply do not want to wait any longer.

WhatsApp update Android: Which versions are available?

Which version is actually up to date? That and access to the beta version can be found on the manufacturer’s site. Before WhatsApp update Android, so you should check the current version. These are found in the settings under About and Help and About. Soft version number of the website and on the phone from one another, a new version is available in principle – but not on any device.

WhatsApp update AndroidWhatsApp update Android: the currently installed version.

Update WhatsApp on the Play Store

To do this first opens the Play Store and call either your own apps or looking WhatsApp in the free text field. A new version of the messenger available, you can click Update. The following are the optimum for the respective smartphone version is installed. So it may be that the update is not installed the latest version of WhatsApp. Who cares, who can skip to the last section of the article that explains how the APK of the messenger can be installed.

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WhatsApp update Android Play StoreThe easiest way leads to the Play Store.

install WhatsApp Beta

Who can not wait, what changes brings the application can register as beta testers. By registering for the beta version and the subsequent update WhatsApp Android users can try before all other new features and try. The only drawback is that it just is a beta version, in the back and problems resurface can, which does not exist in the final versions. All in all the trials but already work quite smoothly and without truly remarkable disaster.

WhatsApp update Android BetaThe beta version can be tried by willing testers.

force update

The latest version of WhatsApp varies even from device to device. When your smartphone, however, does not support the latest version, you can force the update by downloading under the above download link the APK and install. In principle, the installation of an APK (Android Package) works much like the Google Play Store. Preliminary simply have the installation approved by Unknown sources in the system settings and followed the instructions after downloading the app. The good thing is: The whole thing also works in reverse, so with older WhatsApp versions.