Which Flash Player version is installed?

In repeated emerging vulnerabilities of the plugin from Adobe is not any Flash Player Version affected. Users can easily find the version number of your player.

So you can find out which version of Flash Player

Who wants to find out the version number of the installed program by the Adobe Flash Player Download is not that easy to find. The software is easily integrated into the browser used and automatically the animated Flash content again.

Flash Player Version

Through this seamless insertion users do not notice most when the player is used. Especially with the ever-recurring vulnerabilities that occur in some cases only in occasional player versions, users want to know the version number of your plug-ins. Even users who have automatic updates turned off should check the plug regularly for topicality.

A user does not have the player. Anyone who wants to change Flash Player settings or find out the version number, often look in vain in the Control Panel.

The settings and all information on the Flash Player are accessible via the browser and can be viewed offline.

learn Adobe Flash Player version in the browser

The easiest way users can experience their Flash Player version by going to this website from Adobe. Here, the provider automatically checks the computer player and displays the Time determined version number.

In addition, a list of the latest versions for all operating systems appear. So can determine whether just the latest Adobe Flash Player installed or if an update is needed immediately.

Flash Player version online

determine the version of Flash Player offline

While the solution described above requires an Internet connection, the version number of Flash Player can also be determined offline. For this, the browser must be opened and the plug-in menu to be called. Here, the approach used by the browser dependent.

Calling Mozilla Firefox Flash Player Information

If you are traveling with the Mozilla Firefox browser, the information can easily view the menu item Add-ons. There, the selection is made and plugins already all included in the browser programs are displayed with their corresponding version number in a collection.

Danger: In Firefox, the Adobe plugin appears under the name Shockwave Flash.

Flash Player version Firefox

For Flash Player in Google Chrome

Who uses the browser from Google gets the multimedia player automatically included and need not install it. Also, all updates are downloaded in the background.

The latest Flash Player version can be viewed in Chrome by chrome: // plugins is / entered in the address bar. Here, the extension can be disabled easily. More information about the installed Player is used to show a plus sign and select Details.

Flash Player version Chrome