With the Google App the user knows mobile is always how to spell a word correctly or speak. Not only that, the app also provides useful background information as to origin or synonyms.

Through the Google app to take possession of the German language

Does this sound familiar: The constant questions of how something is written, where it comes from and what it actually means. Wackelkandidaten for many words like "virus". "comment" or "Add-On"Since in these words the article is not so clearly often. But even with foreign words such as "Nutella" helps the app, because with insightful articles adorns Duden its entries and then explains about everything: In this case we are smarter after reading and know that both the and the Nutella must be said. As well as the Google app settles many a dispute at the breakfast table.

Google App

Features the popular and very helpful Google app

Integrated into a single dictionary app Duden dictionaries are the following:

  • German spelling
  • the style dictionary
  • the foreign words
  • the synonym dictionary
  • the explanatory dictionary
  • the German explanatory dictionary
  • the origins dictionaryIn addition to the normal search function that displays the word you want, there are various extra features that increase the knowledge again. Included are:

  • Morphomagics: See all inflected forms of the word

  • The Flash Card Quiz: In the game, the user characterizes new words, and tests then his knowledge
  • pronunciations Listen to
  • search History the last 100 Searches

A bit confusing but intuitive to use

The Google Android App is not available get messy and cluttered devices. In addition to the searched word there is a listing of all the similar-sounding and related words and the accompanying article, the user is only insofar as he seeks his term and tap on it. This is awkward, but intuition is not far away, so the app is despite overcharging easy to use.

Google App term

The app is design technically a bit cheesy and become round, which certainly does not match any taste and not to the masses. But on appearances occurs in this powerful information package also actually not, but the application has just too much. What people are standing ready to download for free encyclopedias can be compared here. The companion who is always right The Google app is a very helpful and informative companion and support plate for small and large questions about the German language. Whether on the road or at home in a small or large group of friends or family: Once raise questions, then this app will help immediately and waiting on that occasion with a lot more information than you actually wanted. Also nice to the Duden Application: Especially well it is also suitable for learners of German as it comes with a lot examples, preview and information to the smartphone that facilitate the understanding of the German language.