Cradle of Rome

Cradle of Rome

Cradle of Rome enables the logic game classic Bejeweled to the times of ancient Rome. After successfully coped levels are obtained when the game rewards in the form of raw materials from which is gradually built after the Eternal City.

Cradle of Rome Download brings a Bejeweled clone to the computer

If that Gameplay of Bejeweled and thus of Cradle of Rome Downloads it is not known where it was discussed in Kurzfom. At the beginning of each level you’ll find yourself confronted with a Mirror field full of different shaped stones that need to be made to disappear by skillful trading. Here are next to one another at least three uniform pieces in a horizontal or vertical row. The trick: it can only be exchanged directly adjacent blocks, and then only when a complete set is created by the exchange.

Free Puzzle Advanced

Now this task is even initially not too tricky, which is why the makers of free sliding puzzles Cradle of Rome have spiced up a pinch of difficulty. And that goes to the levels not just about clean out the playing field, but it must be cleared blue-backed tiles – and all of that under time pressure. As places of missing stones are taken by substitutes, should proceed with some eye, otherwise it may happen that almost removed from the board blue areas are placed at one time almost unattainable amid radically foreign stones.

cradle of rome is a clone of bejeweled logispiels

However, at the player from setting up the forge a hammer to help. This is disappearances just such a symbol stones from Playing field of free logic game downloads charged and disturbing stones skin unceremoniously to Klump. Furthermore, there are Level in which specific tasks are hidden or there is too earn bonus as raw materials.

From rewards building incurred by the city of Rome

As with virtually all games you will be all the richer with – rewarded raw materials, the more successful you completed the level – in this case. These are Cradle of Rome Download Gold, building materials and food that make buildings such as sawmill, smithy, quarry mill and so on are built.

In five worlds to the Eternal City

Cradle of Rome is divided into five worlds, each with a proper number of levels. These contribute to the topic matching names:

  • Seven Hills
  • New City
  • Birth of Empire
  • Gladiators’ Arena
  • Age of Glory

Time and life limited for higher difficulty

That each failed attempt to complete a level, will cost a life, and one of them has only three available, makes the Game Cradle of Rome not simply by the way. The same applies to the already mentioned time limit, the end nahendes will be announced by a sudden onset of palpitations. After all, you earned himself almost incidentally sometimes extra lives …

In the event that the Save function is missing: The games are abgesaved, in which first clicking the Menu button and in the resulting window Main Menu dials.

The game can be up to Level 15 to play for free, then it must be purchased. Meanwhile, by the way, a second part is available. The gameplay is enjoying some raiting why there are a number of alternative logic games of this type in our download archive.