In television Tycoon, players take on the management of a TV station. Using the most optimal programming and advertising circuit one goes in the free game hunting for ratings and hard Euros. TV Tycoon presents itself divided into five areas. In the broadcast schedule is used to define the broadcasting of TV formats, which you should keep an eye on the target group. Moreover, it is for example not to be recommended to radiate from 18 shipments before 23:00. The content takes the program director of an extensive video library. Found there is not the right soap or documentary, the sender's own studio producing new programs. As the necessary money to play cleverly placed advertising blocks one - or not. So that the product information as far as possible to reach the targeted audience, television has Tycoon Statistics. This module takes at the distribution of the target groups broken down by transmitting days and times. TV Tycoon shines neither opulent nor graphics with impressive sound. but at Wirtschaftssimulationen who has fun and a little imagination brings, which should certainly find his joy on the freeware game.