The best free training software and Fitness Apps for SPORTLINE elliptical machine at Aldi Nord

Aldi sells from 12/01/2015 the SPORTS LINE Cross Trainer for 269 euros. We have the best free training software & Fitness Apps set up to do so. After the Christmas holidays, it is again: down with the winter fat! Especially if the good intentions of New Year's Eve are still fresh. Aldi Nord, as, again, the right equipment to stand in previous years on the shelves, including the SPORTLINE cross trainer for cheap 269 euros.

SPORTS LINE cross trainer of Aldi in the software check

Who wants to have available to you fit not only the bad conscience for home, but serious about losing weight or want to train your endurance benefits needed to - apart from the fitness machine - two things above all: Motivation and a decent workout plan. For both, not overpriced personal trainers is now more imperative. We have the best free training software and Fitness compiled Apps - the perfect complement to Aldi SPORTLINE elliptical machine for those who are serious. From digital endurance training diary to nutritionist app, everything is possible - after all, a healthy and balanced diet, the alpha and omega of training results. But first to the hard facts - what can the Aldi Nord SPORTLINE elliptical machine? What software it brings?Aldi SPORTLINE Cross Trainer Illustration of SPORT LINE cross trainer on the Aldi website Nevertheless: a reception part for a heart rate transmitter with a 5 kHz frequency is incorporated in the age of 55 kg and 153 × 69 × 166 cm elliptical machine. The prerequisite for a heart rate controlled training is given it. However, the are channels not included and must be purchased separately. In online Handdel good channels, however, are already on to have around 50 euros. The pulse measurement is performed via Handtontaktsensoren which are connected to the integrated training computer with the LCD panel. The training programs are Aldi Nord in something vague. Obviously prefabricated workouts according to various criteria are integrated, among others according to target pulse, BMR (Basal metabolic rate = basal metabolism, so that amount of energy needed by the body per day with complete rest) or BMI. Other hard facts include:

  • Ergonomic handle and swing arms
  • Pedal rods with height adjustment
  • Non-slip and adjustable foot plates
  • Training computer with backlit LCD panel, clear display, program hot keys
  • Automatic power retractable cord
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20957-1 and DIN EN 957-9, class HA
  • Flywheel: 8 kg
  • Max. User weight: 150 kg
  • 3 year manufacturer warrantybut the best for fitness enthusiasts who want to make their training with additional training software and Fitness Apps effective: the Aldi elliptical machine is equipped with a special bracket tablets and smartphones. And: the power of tablet / phone is possible via the USB port on the computer - the perfect conditions for our free fitness apps tips.

Fitness apps that make the workout with the Aldi elliptical machine more effectively

  • runtastic Running & fitnessThe free app is suitable for all fitness levels and is characterized, among others cardio workouts on with cross-trainers. Training plans created expert help in achieving individual goals. Progress will be held in the personal training diary, statistics and graphics. Motivation on the main Runtastic app from the global fitness community with over 30 million registered users.
  • Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal: Want to see the app for all the pounds! Users can create their endurance or strength training plan from more than 350 exercises and tracken, and here's support and motivation by a huge community of millions of members who have the same goal.
  • Drinkwater - drinking Alarm Clock: Drink water, drink water, drink water - you can not repeat often enough, especially during aerobic exercise. The free app calculates the individual drinking need for different criteria and automatically reminds the next portion of water.
  • barcoo App: A sensible training plan is essential. But without a healthy and balanced diet is even the toughest training in the world for nothing. The app Barcoo Android can scan literally shopping for harmful ingredients the food already. The integrated food traffic light shows at a glance all the relevant nutrients, so, for example, contains as much sugar, fat or sodium a particular variety sugar beet syrup.

Free training software for the PC

  • Diet DiaryFor those who want to keep their eating habits permanently in view, the Diet Diary Developer Michael Roedel is intended. The nutrition software helps in controlling one's diet, by detecting the calorie intake and additional data such as weight and fitness activity. In this way it provides valuable support on the difficult path of weight loss and facilitates the documentation of progress.
  • endurance trainerThe software brings exercise plans for different sports in the form of an Excel spreadsheet on the computer. The user can select from over 130 plans for the various activities of Nordic Walking to Inline Skating - if training with the cross trainer SPORTS LINE Aldi but once should become monotonous.