Magic Jigsaw Puzzles ensures puzzle fun on your home screen. The freeware brings a constantly updated collection of photo puzzles on the computer, assemble the puzzle fans puzzle piece for piece of the puzzle into a complete picture.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Download: Digital puzzles for Windows 8 and 10

In Magic Jigsaw puzzles wait more than 5000 Photo Puzzles to their resolution. The freeware disassembled each photo - depending on the difficulty - in more or less small pieces. Then it is important that messed combine diced pieces fit back into a complete picture.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Download

Every day a new free puzzle

The creators of Magic Jigsaw puzzles daily add the collection added a new, free photo puzzle. When releasing the puzzle, the puzzle machine offers several aids. First, the so-called Preview, so a preview of the full photos, players will provide valuable assistance brainstorming. Second, the player can Eckpuzzlestücke the display separately to easily find the missing pieces by 'narrowing' of possible puzzle pieces and use.

Difficulty in levels available

At the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Download can be adjusted in four stages, the difficulty each puzzle. For beginners, there is a puzzle of 70 parts. Advanced and professional venture out to puzzles with 140 or 280 puzzle pieces while Knobel master of puzzles with 630 parts try their luck.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Download

Additional packs and own puzzle Payable

In addition to the free Magic Jigsaw puzzles developers to offer an enhanced version for sale. With additional puzzle packs and puzzles from your own photos of the manufacturers want to encourage players to purchase. The optional paid version removes the additional visible in the free Magic Jigsaw puzzles advertising.

solve several puzzles at the same time & Share finished puzzles with friends

If you want, several photo puzzles simultaneously solve Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. A rotation mode provides even trickier challenges in which pieces can be moved in groups. Completed puzzles can be saved in a personal photo album or email & Co. be shared with friends.

Photo puzzles for all occasions

Magic Jigsaw puzzles speaks lovers of Puzzle and casual gamers simultaneously. Brightly colored motifs, relaxing background music as well as fresh daily puzzles will also provide long-lasting puzzle fun.