At the EF Commander Free Download is it a good, free alternative to Windows Explorer file manager.

Managing files and folders with the EF Commander Free Download

Who else knows the Norton Commander from good old DOS times, will have a deja-vu. The freeware is similar in content to the known file manager, although they naturally presents itself in a more modern look. With the clear and convenient two-window technology of EF Commander Free copying and moving files is a breeze and proves much simpler than this rather awkward handling of file operations using Windows Explorer.

Simple and clear user interface

The buttons are easily accessible and the user interface as simple as clear. All folders are clearly with name, size, last modification date and the attributes listed vertically. By clicking on a folder in the file manager presented therein contain subdirectories and files.

EF Commander Free offers several different views

After starting the program, the user has on both sides of the window first, the hard drive C: \ in view. Under left and right to choose the desired view of the two windows. Available to a folder view, a tree diagram, a list view and a detail view. Sorting can be freely selected by name, extension, time and size. Of course here is also the option to sort by descending or ascending order. Export Click on list of user saves a file and folder list in plain text format into a directory of your choice.

EF Commander Free Download

network drives and disconnect

Under File, the standard file operations like copying, moving, renaming, executing, editing, deleting, and creating folders can be found. The user can also take on the properties of files and folders selectively inspected. The menu item Disk provides the opportunity to network drives and separate. In addition, you can retrieve disk information to any drive.

Save Settings and Restore

Interesting features provides the menu Tools. Windows can exchange ideas, align and compare directories. Under Options, the user has the option toolbars, font and color to suit your own needs. The settings can be saved any time and return with one click.

EF Commander Free Download Extras

Good alternative to Windows Explorer EF Commander Free download includes all the important tools for standard file operations. A good overview offers the proven two-pane view of the free file manager. Files can be quickly and easily drag&Drop; copy between two folders or move, delete individual files or compare the contents of two directories. The freeware is a good alternative to the standard file manager Windows. The extended shareware version EF Commander is also available in our download area.