iTunes will not install – what to do?

If a problem occurs on some Windows PCs and iTunes will not install, there are various solutions. to learn more here! Apple's iTunes is considered modern and very simple solution to manage their own film and music collection. In addition, a variety of devices can be synchronized with each other so that, for example, always the same data can be found both on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Before the powerful music manager can be used, you must first download and install iTunes for Windows. Typically, this process is very simple and straightforward. However, in some exceptional cases is it then before but that the installation of iTunes fails. iTunes will not installiTunes will not install - what to do? (Image: Apple Computer, Inc./Redaktion)

iTunes will not install: this helps

When the music manager iTunes can not be installed, not only the need, but also the frustration is great. Errors can occur both during initial installation, but also during an update of iTunes. What exactly to do if iTunes refuses to work, the following instructions explain in detail.

The system of iTunes

iTunes can be installed either on a Windows computer and on a Mac. are needed for this purpose at least Windows XP with SP3 (or later) or Mac OS X version 10.7.5 (or later). An additional 400 MB of free space is necessary and there is a very high-speed broadband Internet access recommended. Because with this title can easily download from the iTunes Store. iTunes will not install error(Screenshot: Editorial)

For example, iTunes can reinstall

The following guide is for Windows users, as the Apple version is preinstalled in general and makes fewer problems. 1&# 46; Step: If iTunes is already installed, but an update is to be performed, iTunes must be uninstalled first. Then the installation is restarted. 2&# 46; Step:If the problem persists and iTunes can not be installed, the application can "Apple Software Update" be removed or repaired through the Control Panel. 3&# 46; Step: In some cases it may happen that a problem with VBScript occurs. For this purpose must be checked whether VBScript is installed in an updated version on the computer. In addition, the installation with admin rights must be carried out. 4&# 46; Step: If you still have problems, users should be directed to the support of Apple and describe there by mail the problem.