Lords Mobile Cheats & Tips for a mighty empire 2023

Lords Mobile Cheats & Tips for a mighty empire

Lords Mobile Cheats popping up like mushrooms out of the ground and promise diamonds in the style of the Jubilee Mine. ATTENTION! Here is threatening malware! With these tips, you play yourself safely to the top!

Shortly after downloading the Lords mobile app, players must submit with popular Free2Play restrictions or take money in hand to give some momentum with in-app purchases to the game. Nothing appears as more tempting than to rake with Lords Mobile Cheats free diamonds. But behind the cheats just empty promises – at best; because in the worst lurking harmful goods or phishing of user data. So: Stay away from Lords Mobile Hack!

Lords Mobile CheatsStay away from Lords Mobile Cheats! (Picture: IGG.COM/Redaktion)

Instead of Lords Mobile Cheats with these six tips points:

  1. Taler points invest clever! Especially in the beginning you should invest as many points in Taler pace of construction and research. Food can be hired initially back, which is important only with a larger army.
  2. join a guild! Lords Mobile is a classic multiplayer and in such there is nothing more natural than to seek allies. And that can be found in the guilds. In addition to powerful support there is a time bonus in building or improving buildings or for research for guild members. Who also helps other players, gets as a reward guild coins that you can re-invest in the guild shop.
  3. Heroes steps to climb! Heroes are the commanders of the army, they help the army with their skills on the battlefield. Therefore, the hero steps should quickly completed and new heroes are collected. Heroes make the way for a stronger and larger army.
  4. Heroes perfect! The abilities and equipment of each hero should always be improved. So quick swing the hammer and forge equipment!
  5. build mansions! Who will build more mansions, benefiting from a higher Truppenbaugeschwindigkeit. Each building of the same type increases the number of resources and bonuses.
  6. VIP players! VIP can make some advantages advantage: shorter construction times, more resources, faster travel or automatic fighting in the heroic steps. These VIP-points must be collected by daily log in. In addition, the dots can collect through quests and events.
  Lords mobile Cheats & Astuces pour un puissant empire

Lords Mobile Hack HeroesHeroes should be optimally trained and -gerĂ¼stet. (Screenshot: IGG.COM/Redaktion)

Where free and legal gems

Even if the makers of the game, of course, want to buy more players the precious stones in the store, a few free options are there anyway – and do so without Lords Mobile cheats. So, players gems when they enter a guild or participate in events. Secret boxes or guild treasures harboring sometimes a bit of sparkling premium currency. Even players who link their account can skim a few clunkers. Who is economical, can deposit its gems in the treasure trove and collecting interest. As another source of income is also proving to the corresponding game to Facebook page. Here and at other special events it is always worthwhile to keep your eyes open.