Delete Deezer account: These possibilities have user to terminate the music streaming service. Here are the step-by-step instructions for all versions to get rid of the subscription again!

Currently Deezer is available in 182 countries and has approximately 30 million tracks in the stream. Who is unhappy with the offer of the French company after downloading the Deezer app may terminate the service easily and free & use ad-supported version.

Delete Deezer account: Preliminary Cancel Subscription!

Before users delete their Deezer account, they should - if any - cancel their subscription. Even if the user profile does not exist any more, costs for services booked may arise. Where and how announces depends on where the subscription has been completed. That's how it works:

terminate directly offered

If one has completed his subscription directly from Deezer, via Facebook or Google+, it can simply be terminated back on the website of the service. After you log in all relevant options of the account on the home page. In the bottom of the page to announce to Deezer, select, place. Now the entry of personal data and the confirmation of the notice is given. The whole thing can be handled online within the system easily. The applications on the social media, it can optionally be problems with the login. In this case, a new password can be requested here.

Delete Deezer accountBefore users delete the Deezer account, the subscription should be terminated. Image: Deezer.

Special cases: iTunes, wireless service provider or email provider

Has been the Deezer subscription booked through iTunes, it must be reactivated via the Store. This, first in the preferences of iTunes & Open App Store. After signing in with the Apple ID has the following menu opens: Now just select subscriptions and manage the Deezer subscription and disable the automatic extension. In the other two cases, the cancellation to the respective customer takes place (for example: [email protected] or [email protected]).

So get rid of the account:

After successful termination Users can now quench their Deezer account. If you are not already logged in with its profile data, which is the first step. After you select the circle icon and the top right of the monitor or display. Now choose in the settings, select My data. At the bottom of the page, the option to delete the accounts found. If the account with Facebook or Google+ have been created, if necessary, the password must be updated here.Note: After clearing the accounts stored albums, playlists or favorite songs get lost. If you are not sure if he wants to completely do without the service should only terminate the subscription and access the free version of Deezer. The folgendene video shows both how to use totally free Deezer Premium, as well as one gets rid of subscriptions again: