Of the WISO My money Download reserves the finances at a glance: revenues and expenditures, potential savings and investments are also on the agenda, such as secure banking transactions, management of insurance and savings deposits.

WISO My money Download for managing personal finances

WISO My money Pro supports useful in the management of personal finances, it is, however, via a conventional household book by far. Highly encrypted transmission technology, smart card, optional biometric recognition system and vault pull a protective barrier to banking transactions, account and deposit records are managed efficiently, and also contracts for insurance and deposits are sensible place to go.

Where migrated my money and what should I save?

After the recent data has been collected via online banking, it goes on the same. Because WISO My money Pro answers the question: Where wanders my money and what should I save? So keep users on the one hand expenditure and revenue close eye and learn to another where savings potential lies. By attaching their own budget limits and the daily income and expenditure report experienced bargain hunters with the binary financial aid where any bottlenecks are in the private budget plan. All important data and documents are collected centrally in the application. Arise about questions on notice of individual contracts or deposits, so you look de corresponding data with a few clicks directly into WISO My office after. Hours of folders rolling Goodbye!

WISO My money DownloadBy WISO My money download you have your own finances at a glance.

Investment plan makes sense in advance

Whether it's serious or Save "Simple-by-dreams": WISO My money Pro makes the financial future more clearly. In retirement or to hedge risks in life one knows where the journey and finds out when, for example, the condo in the city or cottage in the country is possible. Thanks tax preview also planning user investments make sense in advance. Testing and save!

Limitations of WISO My money Pro

30 days full functionality.