MiniTool Partition Recovery examined under Windows for lost or deleted partitions and restores them. It does not matter whether it is a partition in FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS5. Alternatively, scans the freeware in the quick mode, or sector by sector and is also understood to the scan of a user-selectable range.

MiniTool Partition Recovery download and Preps for data recovery

The free download to recover files and partitions weighs only a few megabytes and installed in no time. To prepare the partition recovery, start the program and users simply click through the step-by-step wizard. Great expertise is not required, but you should perform the operation carefully in any case and in peace. Because one wrong click can lead in doubt, the loss of additional data.

Free Data Recovery Step 1: Find deleted partitions

If several hard disks installed in the system, it is first necessary to select the disk on which to the save partition would like to. Below MiniTool Partition Recovery provides two basic procedures Quick Scan and Full Scan. Here, the QuickScan should normally be sufficient here no data is found, used to the full test. In the next window, the software opens up again now selecting different scanning methods:

  • Full Disk checks whether the entire disc to be scanned. Complete plate cleared and contained several partitions, a full scan is the method of choice. Thus, the data recovery will all drive letters previously existing.
  • Unallocated Space scans only to any partition assigned part. This option is useful if more partitions exist and only one has been deleted.
  • Specified Range checks a spezifierbaren range of sectors. This is probably more of a professional option, beginners are usually do not know in which sector range data was before. Who needs this option know well deal with it.

MiniTool Partition Recovery download

After clicking Next, the software checks the plate with the chosen method. This can, depending on the method and size of the disk to go pretty quickly, or take quite a while. The strenght is to be found in serenity. On completion of testing all found existing and no longer existing partitions on the HDD, including information about file system and partition size are displayed.

Preview of deleted data

The contents not shown in the Windows Explorer partitions can be displayed before the restoration in a preview. This is done by double-clicking one of the entries displayed in the overview. In this way, for example, can then save time if that deleted partition is not clear contains the files you want, you want to restore.

MiniTool Partition Recovery Download File Preview

recover deleted partition MiniTool Partition Recovery

Restoring the partition is now no longer rocket science, but here is a small pitfall in MiniTool Partition Recovery download built-in. For in Recovery dialog the partitions are not to mark that you want to save, but all partitions to be present after the restore operation on that board. If we choose only the partition that was deleted, after missing the partitions that were already in place. Tricky!

MiniTool Partition Recovery download Recovery

So users apply now so normally the tick in front of all the listed drives. As the drive distribution will look like afterwards, the software in the bottom of the screen displays the time. After another click Next and confirming the warning dialog, the partition recovery starts. Here, too, the more is to be restored and the larger the drive, the longer the process.