Sony Editor

After this Sony Editor Download can program lists for Sony Bravia TV in a few steps to customize the PC. For this, the channel list only needs to be exported to a USB stick and then transferred to the computer. After opening the editor, the transmitter can be sorted easily and play back at the TV afterwards. *

edit After Sony editor download lists following Bravia models

the transmission list editor can be used for the following models:

KDL-55HX750, HX755, HX855, KDL-46EX650, EX655, HX750, HX755, HX756, HX757, HX758, HX759, HX855, EX655, KDL-40EX650, HX750, EX555, HX755, HX756, HX757, HX758, HX759, HX855, KDL-32EX650, EX655, HX750, HX755, HX757, HX758, HX759, KDL-26EX550, EX555, KDL-22EX550 and EX555.

After Sony Editor download the following steps must be followed to edit the send list:

1. Export program list to a USB flash drive

First, a USB stick must (FAT / FAT32 formatted) to the BRAVIA TVs can be connected. Then select the Home menu, go to Settings points Digital settings and program list transmission. Click on Export and answer Yes the transmission list is stored on the USB stick.

Sony Editor Download

2. Import program list on the PC

After Sony Editor download and installation is complete, the USB stick must be connected to the computer. After the program is selected under the File menu, select Open and the path to sdb.xml-File on the stick.

edit third station

To move or delete channels, first the signal source (DVB-T, DVB-C, General Sat or Sat Preferred) must be specified. Now the list of available stations is opened. Via drag and drop the stations can now be brought into the desired order. To remove unwanted channels must be opened by right clicking the submenu and choose Delete. Alternatively, channels can be deleted by clicking Delete. Under the File menu and select Save the current version of the channel list on the USB flash drive is stored.

Sony editor download stations

4. Transfer the channel list on TV

In the last step of the USB flash drive is reconnected to the television. About the same menu path under Item 1 and choosing the Import option and a double confirm the operation list is played back on the TV. After restarting the transmitters are available in the specified order. If the reordering channels have failed, the last step has to be repeated again.

Pictures: Sony Europe Limited