The Messenger is a great way to network with other people and get to know new people. We tell you here how your new For WhatsApp groups can and what you should consider your doing.

For WhatsApp groupsWho wants to find WhatsApp groups, has a few ways to network. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

find the best WhatsApp groups

Who is already a member of a group? The Messenger WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone can link people together who already know each other - but also help to find new friends.

Groups are on the one hand a great option to plan events with friends or stay in touch. But there are public groups that you can join and where you probably know anyone yet. How can you find these WhatsApp groups, we'll tell you. but this is considered to be a bit careful.

Using the Search function: For members only

WhatsApp is well known, a search function. So if you are a member of dozens of groups and have a bit of lost track, you can where your already attends your group, find on this search. However, you can then (still) do not groups in which you are not yet a member.

WhatsApp groups find newsdesired countless news? Then become part of a group. But be careful, your number will be displayed for all members! (Picture: pixabay)

Find new friends: use sites

But there are several ways to find new groups outside the Messengers. One of these opportunities is actually Ebay classified ads. Here you will find an overview of all possible group topics. You can then send a request to the administrator and adjuster of the display so that it adds to you.

Likewise, various sides have surfaced now in the network on which groups can be adjusted seeking new members. Examples are or Here you can also easily search for topics and group to join via a link.

In addition, getting the opportunity to learn about Facebook or other social media people for groups lends itself naturally.

For WhatsApp groups Group.fishOne possibility is - but your numbers you will simply be publicly viewed with a trick. So be careful! (Picture:

Caution: Numbers are passed

Now there are in the whole WhatsApp groups find-thing is a catch: WhatsApp needed so your phone number so that your account will be verified at all and can work with it. This number will be communicated accordingly all participants of the group -. And not only join if you propose, for example, about a group and clicks on the link, you can already see all the numbers of the group members. Even if you yourself are not a member yet. So that other users who may have less good intentions can.

So you can not control your device number into whose hands. Consider you so good if your a) want just to share with others in a public group, the number and b) if you wish really to join a group that is public to find on the Internet so that anyone your number can easily find out. Privacy is an important matter. One possibility would be to use a convenient prepaid card for such purposes, their number can not be traced back to you and you have been using for such groups.

If your way, times have no desire to spam, you can read here how to switch groups and chats mute or how to get back leaves Group:

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