Doctor's Diary Stream: Award-winning comedy series online 2023

Doctor’s Diary Stream: Award-winning comedy series online

in the Doctor’s Diary Stream proves Dr. Gretchen Haase as a specialist in heartbreak. We show where there is the popular hospital comedy online and whether Doctor’s Diary is available after downloading the Netflix app or through another film flat rate at Netflix. learn here more now!

Doctor’s Diary Stream: Complicated love affairs of Gretchen Haase

The German-Austrian physician Series "Doctor’s Diary – Men are the best medicine" was produced from 2007 to 2010 by RTL together with the ORF. In the award-winning comedy series, almost everything revolves around the complicated love affair of Dr. Gretchen Haase (Diana Amft). Actually, it was Gretchen’s plan to find 30 no later than the man for life to complete a career as a doctor and to be yourself slim and lean. Unfortunately, all did not work out these plans as required: Your own physicians career has its limits, she caught her fiancé with a physician assistant and believes also to bring a few kilos too much on the scale.

Doctor's Diary StreamDoctor’s Diary Stream: Are men really for Grete the best medicine? Source: RTL

Therefore, she pulls a frustrated with their parents (Ursula Monn and Peter Prager) and intends to refocus solely on one’s own career as a doctor after her father can accommodate at his hospital as an assistant doctor. There waiting to teenage heartthrob Dr. Marc Meier (Florian Fitz) as a senior physician of the station and with the understanding gynecologist Dr. Mehdi Kaan (Kai Schumann) but already the next temptations in matters of love for her.

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Happy ending for Gretchen and Marc at the end of Doctor’s Diary Season 3

To further complicate matters, in the Doctor’s Diary Season 2, after the charming millionaire Alexis von Buren is added, is being treated in hospital due to a brain tumor. Gretchen decides to marry the sympathetic and wealthy patients. In the Doctor’s Diary Season 3, it is even more turbulent: Gretchen and Alexis have to spend their wedding night in a room with the medical profession and all wedding guests in quarantine. It turns out that it is at Alexis a false millionaire who has taken only its identity.

Gretchen and Marc come closer again after he confesses his feelings. The grand finale Gretchen wants to travel to Africa alone. Marc decides at the last moment for this, they do not want to give up and it comes to big happy ending at the airport.

Nora Tschirner and Günther Jauch as prominent guest stars

The parallels to the originating also from screenwriter Bora Dagtekins "Turkish for Beginners" are obvious. In addition, unusually many actors in both series roles. Prominent guest performer Dr. Diary include Nora Tschirner and Günther Jauch. The comedy series aired on RTL on 23 June 2008 for the first time and extended in August 2008 for two more seasons.

Unfortunately for the fans, there was no Doctor’s Diary Season 4 more

The Doctor’s Diary Season 2 followed in August 2009 and the Doctor’s Diary Season 3 from January 2011 again on ORF 1 and RTL. Unfortunately, it did not come to the expected continuation of fans with a Doctor’s Diary Season 4. The setting of the popular series was officially announced in October 2011 and founded with temporal problems of performers and crew.

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Doctor’s Diary stream Amazon Video, iTunes and Sky Go

Who wants to see Doctor’s Diary online, use the Doctor’s Diary stream that is available with all three season on Amazon Video and iTunes. Within a film and series flat rate only the Doctor’s Diary Season 1 on Sky Go is to have. Those looking for Doctor’s Diary on Netflix, must also fit as the customers of Amazon Prime and max cathedrals,