Plants vs. Zombies (Web version)

Plants vs. Zombies (Web version)

Plants vs. Zombies (Web version) floats diligently on not die down unending wave, have the games against the walking undead theme. Unlike most games of the genre but this free game comes along without Bleigewitter and flying limbs, that fits seamlessly into the series of other family safe games of skill in our software offering one.

Funny and harmless undead action: Plants vs. Zombies (Web version) Web App

A little tongue in cheek could the Plants vs. Zombies (Web version) Web app as Flower Child variant of zombie shooters like brand Resident Evil and Co. denote, namely, in both senses. On the one hand is the Graphics of the free browser games bloodless and therefore suitable for children, On the other hand you can actually puts the walking corpses with plants on the body – as the name of the game, too suggests.

With Plants vs. Zombies flash-based

The starting position is on each of the levels of Plants vs Zombies the same: A horde of zombies on the point, the lawn of the player to cross what must be avoided at all costs virtual home buyers. At the start attacking its counterparties with more ineffective peashooters, but plays by little more lung fuller plant weapons-free, such as cherry bombs. This done, unlike the peas not only becoming a zombie, but erase several of the malodorous journeyman from.

with plants against zombies in plants vs zombies

Particularly important in the Plants vs. Zombies (Web version) Web App the sun, which is logical, because without our Sun now even grow any plants. From time to time fall little suns of heaven, it is picking up to his to plant vegetarian Defense new, since this was not the zombie attacks endless holds. More solar energy is obtained by sunflowers, which are also planted and must be protected from the attackers ideally what it called a blockade Wall-Nut from level three – to German Wall-nut – is. This keeps the zombies quite effectively from advancing, and makes them a grateful cannon fodder for its own defense weapons.

Tower Defense game with witty and slanted invasions

Higher level equal to the higher degree of difficulty, this equation goes on even in Plants vs. Zombies (Web version). Makes itself felt not only in more and more opponents, but also in an ever-widening lawn, over the coming snuck them. Even at higher levels but describes the Flash-based browser game not present insurmountable obstacles the player. Ever the Free Game lives not necessarily from the power, but rather of all kinds of funny ideas. wearing zombies, the pylons or bucket as armor on the head, rod high jumping undead who hop over walnut walls, cannons, use up the frozen peas and make their goals so that even slower, lawn mowers as a last bastion – all certainly not only makes the kids fun, but also older children with a sense of quirky humor. Youth free and long-lasting fun – recommended That the gameplay will not end so quickly in Plants vs. Zombies make sure (Web version) a lot of levels and game modes. If you have played through the adventure, then lure the variants survival, also provides the Web app Plants vs. Zombies (Web version) puzzles to crack and holds a number of mini-games for Kurzweil ready. In summary: Funny graphic, violent games, funny ideas – Editor’s clear tip.