With a Security Monitor Pro Download get users even complex safety problems under control. The software with little effort makes a lot and, moreover, is easy to use. Probably the safest feature of the program is that it runs in an invisibility mode on the PC.

The Download Security Monitor Pro for secure monitoring

Both small and larger premises and premises can be monitored safely and reliably with Security Monitor Pro, because it can be about 2000 commercial IP cameras control, as well as most USB cameras. here may up to 32 IP cameras and four USB cameras simultaneously be installed. The shareware thus making a valuable contribution to the security of private property.

The Security Monitor Pro react to potential threat

By a download Security Monitor Pro the user has a maximum overview of its premises. Any threats that are found both in sound and in motion, the tool sent directly to the preset contact by mail or it beats classic alarm. In these cases, users can respond immediately and watch them on the computer, the corresponding camera recordings. it is also possible to set different notification features for the various cameras. This means that some cameras are sounding the alarm, while others only once "just" send mail to the appropriate person. A complete log function rounds out the shareware. With these features Security Monitor Pro heard clearly among the better monitoring tools on the market. What other free tools for Webcams for download there, the user can see here.

Functional and easy-to-use webcam

The cameras to be installed is clearly the most complex tasks in setting up the video monitoring with Security Monitor Pro. For the operation of the program is already very easy thanks tidier user interface almost. In the upper area of ​​the surface is the menu, which makes the different cameras available and in the lower part you can see the place and time. Thus, it is readily apparent to anyone on which camera he looks straight.

Security Monitor Pro Download

For the meaningful video surveillance With a download Security Monitor Pro, the user monitors its premises and premises in a professional manner. the tool suggests both unusual noise and even in unfamiliar movement alarm. The type of notification strange action on the monitored surface is adjustable and very reliable. The fact that the program is running on the computer in the background and is not readily apparent that the user uses this monitoring tool is very convenient. For those who have to secure a larger area, so is this program is the successful tool.

Limitations of Security Monitor Pro

30 day trial. Recording session limited to 2 hours