With Wolfteam an action-packed online first-person shooter with a manageable resource hungry comes to the gamer PC. Players control a human-wolf hybrid with many possibilities. Actually, a vaccine should be developed that prevents the sudden transformation of people into ravenous wolves. Power-hungry military, however, have turned the tables and put a serum one that supports the transformation: a new special unit is born - the Wolf team. For shooter friends that means the use of ranged weapons as a man, and a transformation later the melee skills of the man wolf. This results in an explosive and action-packed mixture of strategic and pure combative elements. you blast in various well-known modes of Deathmatch on capture-the-flag to complete flattening of the enemy base. For this purpose is available on the human side of a wide arsenal of weapons. Wolves, however, points with cool moves like wall rides and stealth. The free shooter Wolf Team expands the familiar FPS principle to switch to melee monster. The principle is not new, still brings a lot of instant fun at your fingertips - for up to 16 players per arena.