repair and restore Windows 10 - Here's How!

repair and restore Windows 10 – Here’s How!

Who Repair Windows 10 want or restore finds the appropriate instructions in our guide. Windows 10 does not start, crashes or is not stable? We show what to look for 10 Restore and Reset on the integrated repair functions and in Windows so that no important data will be lost!

Repair Windows 10 and reset to factory defaults.

Many a user encounters some time after Windows 10 Download the following problem: The new operating system is running at the start quickly, cleanly and without error, but some weeks or months later, show the first quirks and make sometimes, unfortunately, even the Windows 10 Reset necessary.

Repair Windows 10repair and Windows 10 reset the PC back to zero (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

The operating system is brought into this case, to the factory settings. This sounds more complicated than it is, and worth it if the system develops a life of its own and annoying problems and errors. Especially the automatic Windows 10 updates bring often mixed up the whole system. Since it makes sense to put Windows completely to the factory defaults.

repair backup of important data before Windows 10

Those who want to venture a new beginning, selected in the settings of the area update and security and clicks there under restoration "Reset this PC", Alternatively, the item is used "return to earlier Build" to make the last took place Windows 10 Update reversed. However, this option is only available if the update was performed within the last ten days.

Windows 10 repair recovery‘Reset this PC’ clicking (Image: editorial)

Reset System and repair Windows 10

Back to the point about it: The following three options are under the point this PC Reset choices: keep your own files, remove everything and restore factory settings. The first option eliminates the newly installed apps and custom settings, but keeps all user files the same. This will remove all and even at the non-existent at all Windos 10 systems third option eliminated. A backup of all important personal files to an external hard drive before Windows 10 repair course highly recommended!

Windows 10 reset repair systemThree options are available (Picture: editorial)

Fresh, clean system like Windows on the first 10 days.

Now the PC settings are retained at their default values ​​and only the apps from the Windows Store. The own documents, movies, and the MP3 collection remain available even after Windows 10 fix available again, if My Documents was elected maintained. The big advantage after resetting: The user has again a fresh, fast system as the first Windows 10 days.

repair system recovery as a second option for Windows 10

Who flinch to put the system back completely to zero, can for the Windows 10 also repair the Windows 10 using System Restore. Here, the computer for problems and quirks to a specific, user-selectable time is reset. Simply in the search box in the taskbar "system recovery" enter and "Create Restore Point" select from the list of search results. System Restore is used in Windows 10 to use a previous state for a restore point, the system files and settings without touching your own personal files.

Windows 10 fix System RestoreOther restore point show (Photo: Microsoft / Editorial)

Multiple recovery points can be tried

The user simply chooses the desired recovery point and the computer will automatically restart. and then if the problem is not resolved, you can try a different restore point. Who will show a hook on more restore points will receive a list of all previous times, to which he can reset the operating system.