Blossom Blast Saga 2023

Blossom Blast Saga puts the candy to the side and bring it the whole load Flowerpower to your smartphone. With the Blossom Blast Saga App Playing users by a known match-3 principle – just this time in a sea of ​​flowers. The graphics are again kunterbunt course, different game modes provide the right amount of variety.

Blossom Blast Saga app brings flower power to mobile phones

wants while the success with mobile games Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Candy Crush soda just do not tear off and could easily sit back, turn the makers diligently at the Games Machinery. Now that candy, fruit and vegetables, cute pets, witches, Bubbles and tropical island idyll were grazed, now comes the absolute Flowerpower. is the well-known match-3 puzzle principle, a new outfit – and you have that puzzle fun.

Blossom Blast Saga App

Off to bed with the Puzzle App

Blossom Blast Saga Android, the latest coup from King, brings the user to the countryside, to be exact in the garden. The changing with each level in shape playing fields are created as beds. In them the most gorgeous flowers bloom – roses, crocuses, sunflowers, etc. As one might expect from the developers, the graphics are designed very colorful and extremely cute. The versatile effects, such as when blossom buds are also again implemented very complex and bring really a flower fireworks on the smartphone.

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Blossom Blast Saga Android with known gameplay

Fans of King games know exactly what flourishes them in the Blossom Blast Saga App. There must always be at least three identical buds found and connected. The longer the buds chain, the better, of course. The more points are not only achieved, but also triggered a chain reaction and activated surprises.

Blossom Blast Saga app game modes

Various game modes flowery

Total already around 120 level again wait for the user that will surely expanded steadily. The special thing about Blossom Blast are also the four different game modes. The following game modes are available:

  • (1) points mode: This is the classic mode. It must be connected always three identical buds to collect as many points.
  • (2) Remove weedsHere need to be connected all the flower buds that enclose the weeds, to expose the weeds and remove.
  • (3) large budsFlowers need to be connected with buds, to bring them to explode.
  • (4) collect flowers: One concentrates in the mode of collecting a certain flower.