by the Tip Queen Download quickly learn typing with guidance: So easy it can be to polish with a Tipptrainer his skills. Operation is simple tapped at first glance, and the layout is customizable.

The download of Queen Tip for more variety when typing learning

The ability to quickly tap the computer keyboard is often a great advantage. Who now would like to improve, needs a download Tip Queen on his computer, the play teaches him the optimal finger position. Moreover, there are 26 lessons build on each other, three learning games and 128 Übungstexte which offer more variety and a structured process of learning phases. Furthermore, this Tipptrainer based on a didactically meaningful 3-step learning approach. With all these features to tip Queen sets from other coaches do to free download significantly.

Tip Queen Download

Tip Queen is suitable for both beginners and advanced students

The Tipptrainer is of course intended primarily for beginners, the minutes are hardly to 200 attacks, but also advanced riders can certainly still learn something with this shareware: This is ensured by the different, provided exercises and the possibility to create complex exercises itself. The self-designed exercises can then be integrated without any problem as another lesson in the exercise everyday. It should, however, said that advanced should not start with the first exercises logsicherweise, as they will appear to them to more easily and they could thus quickly lose the desire to continue.

Individual key backgrounds at Tipptrainer and a visually simplistic instructions

The layout and appearance of Tip Queen are very appealing. Especially since there is a possibility to change the background of the keyboard. Five different designs to choose from, which make the background more personal. To simplify the learning process, the tool displays the letters in lights and highlights moreover the respective finger, which should be used for typing.

Tip Queen Download help

Also there is a small instruction which tells the user how he has to move his fingers and what letters it is important to learn in this exercise before each lesson. This is opened up the learning principle of this software quickly and the user need not be a skilled computer user to come up with the tip Queen instant success.

Limitations of Queen Tip

The trial version can run seven days.