With the Quicken download Users can get a financial solution into the house. In simple financial management of all accounts, clever financial planning including liquidity forecast and budget formulation and integrated online banking nothing to be desired in terms of money.

Quicken Download brings digital money manager home

The financial software from Haufe-Lexware makes Organization of Finance even for office and administrative muffle a breeze. With the Quicken download the user gets virtually everything under one roof: Starting from the user-friendly financial index about features on the subject of financial planning to all the necessary features for a smooth online banking. In addition, it brings compared to many other office & Finance software even a useful control software.

Quicken download

Of the only catch the Financial ManagerHe is not available as freeware. However, you can program test for four weeks. then you are not satisfied, the manufacturer promises to refund the money.

Quicken does not skimp on effective functions

The program is packed with practical features on the subject of "Money" to the rafters. In particular, the issue of online banking is very important at Lexware. Never again log into dozens of different online portals to check their account balances. Thanks to the downloads of Quicken can be centrally monitor all accounts. The program supports the following financial areas:

  • Current accounts of all German banks
  • Credit cards of all banks
  • Fixed deposits, bonds and life insurance
  • PayPal
  • securities
  • Loans and credits
  • Prepaid credit of mobile phones
  • Savings contracts and savings accounts

Quicken accounts Download

There the highest safety standards for transfers apply, users need not worry about their data. HBCI, HBCI + or FinTS with PIN / TAN are used and supported by all banks. Also standing orders and transfers can be performed and transfers are planned - SEPA is also supported.

Financial software for planning the future

The features of the tool far beyond online banking also. It brings with useful tools for financial planning. Besides the advantage of having all the money transactions through a single platform in view, can Reports on expenditure to be created. In addition, can be Liquidity previews for freely selectable periods retrieve and set budgets. So spending can braked and savings goals. Who needs to plan for business purposes more professional, can Bookings classify, make split-bookings use or templates category lists. This also lists can be created according to their needs. The security prices are easy to observe, analyze and manage.

Quicken Download evaluation

Useful control software as an extra on top

Because the jam-packed Quicken download is not yet enough apparently, Lexware delivers its extensive control program With. Quick control guides the user step by step through the financial jungle and transmits the final income tax return ELSTER to the tax authorities. Thanks contained saving tips, automatic input check and savings Tacho this additional tool is a nice gimmick. Financial management at the highest level One could almost say that the tax authorities even fun with Quicken. The program is easy to use and comes with numerous features that engage a vigorously under his arms. The 4-week test should therefore be guided quiet times to heart.