Excel cancel write protection: This is how it made!

Excel cancel write protection: This is how it made!

Become Excel cancel write protection want, resorts to a clever trick. The blade guard of a table can be quickly and easily removed again when forgetting the password associated with a small script. We show you how it works!

Excel write protection made easy

Office workers can provided with a blade guard after the Microsoft Excel 2013 Download entire tables or portions thereof. A password ensures subsequently that the Excel spreadsheet remains untouched and can not be changed by unauthorized persons. Only those who know the correct password can modify the table. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that the user does not remember at a later date to the assigned by him Password and thus the table can not be edited. Luckily there is a trick to remove the blade guard in Excel spreadsheets. The protective mechanisms of MS Office are not too sophisticated, so you can relatively easily nullify the protection with a small macro. The macro code is then stored as a module in the document whose protection is to be removed.

Excel cancel write protection

Remove blade guard in Excel spreadsheets

The user opens the only table and pressed the key combination Alt + F11. It opens a Microsoft Visual Basic window. In the VBAProject top left menu click with the right mouse button on this workbook, and then click Insert and Module. In the window that appears Modul1 the user inserts per copy&Paste the standing later in this guide macro text – without the start and end markers. A tip for this: To copy text quickly and easily via clipboard, it is fully marked with the mouse, then copied using Ctrl + C and inserted at the desired location with Ctrl + V.

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Excel macro write protection

The duration of the Excel Remove Protection depends on the length of the password

the Microsoft Visual Basic window can now be closed again. A store is not required. The Excel user presses Alt + F8 and clicks in emerging window Run. How long does it take to lift the Excel write protection depends on the assigned password. If the table is protected by a short password, the process usually takes only a few seconds. By contrast, it may take a few minutes at long, complicated passwords. If the Excel sheet protection is disabled, a message that is confirmed by clicking on OK appears. Now the table can work normally again.

Excel write protection Run

The trick also works with Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010

Who wants to remove from MS Excel function again, press Alt + F11 again, right-click Module1 and selects the entry removing module … from. The question "Modul1 export before removing?" can be answered in the negative. The trick with the Excel write protection works on the macro quite reliable not only with Microsoft Excel 2013, but also with the predecessors Excel 2003, 2007 and of 2010.

Excel write protection successfully

— Start macro text (not copy) —

Sub Excel_Schreibschutz_aufheben ()

On Error Resume Next

For i = 65 To 66: For j = 65 To 66

For k = 65 To 66: For l = 65 To 66

For m = 65 To 66: For n = 65 To 66

For o = 65 To 66: For p = 65 To 66

For q = 65 To 66: For r = 65 To 66

For s = 65 To 66: For t = 32 To 126

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ActiveSheet.Unprotect AD (i) & Chr (j) & AD (k) & Chr (l) & Chr (m) & AD (n) & Chr (o) & AD (p) & Chr (q) & Chr (r) & Chr (s) & Chr (t)

Next t: Next s: r Next: Next q

Next p: o next: next n: Next m

Next I: Next k: Next j: Next i

MsgBox "The write protection should now be disabled."

End Sub

— End Macro Text (not copy) —