Google Play Store stopped - what to do? 2023

Google Play Store stopped – what to do?

Owners of devices with the operating systems Android and Windows 8 can download the Google Play Store and so easy to manage their applications. But just in smartphones is the Google Play Store stopped and often causes problems.

Google Play Store stopped by broken downloads

Who umentscheidet up when downloading an app in the store, aborts the process usually simple. This procedure will save users time, space and data volume.

Unfortunately, not only the current operation, but also the entire Google Play store is often stopped. If this does not start again by itself, an error message appears each update attempt. Also, new applications can not be installed in an inactive Play Store. In this case, the Play Store application must be manually stopped and restarted.

  1. For this, you open the first settings in the smartphone and go to the menu applications.
  2. Next, the point is to manage applications and selected in the Google Play Store.
  3. The current status of the app appears. This can be forced through exit or restart the app-defaults reset.

Google Play Store stopped

fix errors by reinstalling Google Play

If does not work even after restarting the Google Play store, can often help to reinstall the current version. For this, the app is called again in the Application Manager and removed by selecting Uninstall from the device.

The mixture is then downloaded via the browser, the Google Play Store app. Then the installation must be done manually. To do that, the smartphone or tablet to My Documents and downloads and the corresponding APK selected file. Android automatically recognizes the format and automatically performs an installation.

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Failed synchronization between Google account and Play Store

If neither of rebooting reinstalling help, which may be with a failed connection to the Google account. If the app can verify any user data in attempted downloads and updates, the Google Play store is stopped.

To properly restore the sync again, on Android settings the correct account must be entered.

  1. To do that, first thing in the settings of the Android menu to the point Account & sync settings.
  2. Under the option accounts manage the Google Account is selected and deleted remove viaKonto.
  3. After that chooses to add in account the Google account and enters the corresponding e-mail address and the correct password. Who does not use G-mail account, you should note that the passwords are not always identical and not sign inadvertently using an incorrect password.

Google Play Store stopped Account