Since 2002 eMule drags data packets around the globe. Thus, the free file sharing client justifiably may file sharing attach the title of a classic in the genre lapel.

eMule Download: file sharing on peer-to-peer basis

The freeware connects the home computer with the two networks eDonkey2000 and Kad and opened so users access to millions of files. That even after the eMule download should stay away from data blatantly illegal or even questionable origin, should have now also spread as understood by itself. Whoever is found, also due to the strict monitoring of the eMule network contributes to the not entirely unjustified thoughts on the system change, which a wide range of other file-sharing programs to download in our software directory. For the rapid Exchange also immensely large files using the two already mentioned networks eMule client but is a fine thing. Files with a maximum weight of 256 gigabytes (!) the beast of burden shouldered by now. That's a whole lot of information material, and as a correspondingly large space on the hard disk for temporary data is allocated under certain circumstances at the beginning of the download, it may industrious data suckers ever happen that the HDD memory is low.

Data exchange including preview function with the eMule software

Who dares to downloading such large amounts of data, which should be pleased with the built-in preview function Show the eMule. Both videos and content packed archives can thus see before the full download and thus ensure that the data you land on the computer.

emule download

In addition, both up- and downloads the free eMule client can assign priorities to accelerate their transfer or possibly slow down. Speaking of priorities: An internal so-called Credit system ensures preferential treatment such users that also provide sufficiently files from your own computer. Those who enter the networks eD2K and Kademlia exclusively for sucking, so could look for a long time in the cold. Both networks distribute their data the way peer-to-peer technology, but The latter has an advanced user management that better protects against network failures.

eMule file sharing with compression and detailed statistics

To speed up the exchange and action to relieve the server and the client peers also uses a data compression. also proves to be interesting, the Statistics about the eMule downloads. Here the sucker down on all kinds of information, ranging from the transmission rate of the number of active servers to information on lost due to data error file fragments.

Chat client already included in the download of eMule

Furthermore, the download of eMule already includes a factory built-in chat module, what the SMIRC client has been integrated into the user interface. It is also possible to control the traffic by means of a so-called web interface from other computers than their own, as well as Java-enabled mobiles made.

eMule: not completely up to date, but reliable

Unfortunately, however, the Java-based proves to be little-to-date, since this platform can be used, for example, on Android only detours. On iOS, it is, according to research did not get up and running. However, this MobileMule called offshoot of the mule as well as the current client itself has quite a few years on the gray hump program. Whether here the future still development work is invested, appears at least questionable, because in terms of user numbers BitTorrent has long since outstripped the eD2K network. In addition, the determination pressure of law enforcement agencies over the years has not just become smaller, and there alone most of the server name does not necessarily indicate legal content, and this fact may have contributed to the decline.