iPhone 4 manual

iPhone 4 manual

Of the iPhone 4 Manual Download provides the iPhone owners a helpful reference book in PDF format on hand to have come all the functions of the old, but still popular Apple smartphones read to the smallest detail.

iPhone 4 Manual Download: Official iPhone 4 manual in PDF format

The iPhone 4 was delivered at the launch with iOS 4, the iPhone 4 in 2012 models with iOS 6. Maximum, an iPhone 4 with the operating system iOS 7.1.2 be equipped. We provide in our download area the original iPhone 4 Manual available as well as the following instructions to devices that run on iOS 5, iOS 6 or iOS. 7 So the user has the official iPhone 4 but manual at hand can also look up functions that have been added later. With the iPhone 4 user, the user discovers all the important functions can familiarize themselves with the basics of the unit and use the iPhone Apps optimal.

iPhone 4 Manual DownloadiPhone 4 Manual Download PDF on more than 300 pages

The iPhone 4 was sold in three days around 1.7 million times

As the name "iPhone 4" suggests, is the fourth smartphone of Apple’s iPhone series. The device was launched in Germany in June of 2010. At first it was only available in black, from April 2011 also in white. In the media were initially much discussion about reception problems of the smartphones that were rejected by Steve Jobs. However, this criticism only lasted a few from buying.

Due to the exceptionally high demand and more than 600,000 pre-orders of the launch had to be postponed even initially. In the first three days of sales the iPhone was brought to the man or woman 4 around 1.7 million copies. A successor was the iPhone 4s, which came into the Apple stores in October 2011th

iPhone 4 user manual Download AssemblyThe iPhone 4 guide shows the device structure and the basic operation

iPhone 4 guide with more than 300 pages

The German-speaking iPhone 4 manual shows users in a clear language and with many illustrations all the important details, settings, apps and features that the iPhone 4 Instruction includes it in the original proud 312 pages, divided into the following 29 chapters and two appendices: the iPhone in overview, introduction, basics, synchronization and file sharing, phone, mail, Safari, iPod, news, calendar, photos, camera, YouTube, stocks ,, maps, weather, notes, clock, calculator, compass, voice memo, iTunes Store, App Store , game Center, settings, contacts, Nike + iPod, iBooks and busboy. The two Annexes International Keyboards and support and other information include the iPhone 4 from instructions.

iPhone 4 user manual download voicemailTips for retrieving voicemail messages

Official manuals for iPhone 5, 6 and 7

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