Gigabyte EasyTune 6 owners of a motherboard company Gigabyte have the motherboard under control. This means that monitor and automate fan, overclocking the processor and adjust the RAM values ​​for more power. EasyTune 6 expands the small version of the standard motherboard software. The clear user interface leaves little question open and allows deep intervention in the performance of the system in a few steps. Optionally, the software automatically adjusts CPU performance depending on the required capacity, or select the desired user overclocking factor manually. The clock speed of RAM you have with EasyTune under control. In addition, the fan control either automatically or manually controls the air supply and the current noise level of the computer. Who likes to have a little more control of the PC, is correct in EasyTune - provided a gigabyte motherboard. The tuning and overclocking freeware is simple to use, with only the overclocking itself you should just deal a bit. Before the hardware is damaged by excessive values ​​tuning software but screwed anyway down the performance.