Of the KeyDepot download offers its users free organisable virtual lockers to store passwords and comparable access for use. The shareware stores passwords either locally on the computer or stored in a memory of the cloud provider.

KeyDepot Download: Password Manager with Cloud Connection

to store passwords in the cloud, especially if the KeyDepot Download is used on multiple machines is recommended. In this case, the access can be automated at intervals between 30 seconds and ten minutes to synchronize, which can always be accessed by all connected PCs to the same database.

Data import and export also via USB storage devices

Who does not trust the data cloud so right about the way the stands at KeyDepot open an alternative way to make saved passwords transportable. By exporting you put your selected password safes as on USB stick and import them on another computer just in the installed there version of the password management.

Imports password safes in XML format

When it comes to import previously saved credentials to KeyDepot shows quite frankly. So the shareware not only reads data of its predecessor from the same software house SECUSTAR, one. Also saved passwords of other password safes can be opened, if those are available in XML file format. Our software directory, incidentally, offers plenty of such password manager for download.

store secure password with 256-bit AES encryption

Thus the contents of the digital key boards not are before everyone's eyes in the virtual compartments KeyDepot protects them with a user-selected password. This is set separately for each new safe, a Master Password Manager dispenses with the password. For additional password security 256-bit AES encryption ensures that unauthorized persons more difficult to access. the issue of data security is complemented by automatic backups, in the event of a crash can be restored as well.

KeyDepot download

Save the passwords as such simplified KeyDepot by various categories whose name can be chosen freely by the user according to his needs, thus contributing to Overview especially when many passwords. Access to online banking can be separated for different social networks, message boards and other online services as clean of them. Also, the categories can subsequently still manage, that sort, or as to their importance to remove them if they are unnecessary in the course of use.

Password Generator creates random passwords

The records to store passwords offer the user space for all relevant information. These include name and user name as well as associated web addresses and of course the password itself. Captures you the access to a completely new account, the built-in password generator proves to be useful. This generated based on a variety of user-defined parameters random passwords and thus helps that is generally regarded as high security risk to avoid the repeated use of the same login combination.

1-click Login simplifies application

Finally KeyDepot facilitated via 1-click Login to log in to the captured online services. Instead of annoying with time Copy&Paste the access is password administration out the application with just one click from the program. Thus the Password Manager presents all around contemporary, thanks to cloud interface, compatibility and AES encryption foremost in technical terms. But also visually makes the key board with its uncluttered and easy interface and the clear user guidance a good figure. Only a small downside to the program for the missing option is one to adjust the time interval for the cloud sync manually. However, this is a rather negligible value shortcoming and leaves the KeyDepot mature Download a recommendation.

Limitations of KeyDepot

The trial recorded a maximum of 30 entries and requires registration with the manufacturer.