Office & Practice Scheduler 3000

Office & Practice Scheduler 3000

Of the office & Practice Scheduler 3000 Download packs a helper for the medical service sector to the computer. The developers of the scheduler have placed their attention among other things to a simple and clear operation.

office & Practice Scheduler 3000 Download with learning assistant on board

For a particularly simple approach to office & Practice Scheduler 3000 software brings a learning assistant. Using film examples, all parts of the scheduler are explained step by step. The graphical representation of a complete calendar week users overlook all still free and registered dates. The scheduler manages up to three simultaneous users. All functional processes are displayed within an operating window. Sophisticated search functions and helper for the collection of vacation days and other absences complete the diary. office & Practice Diaries 3000 is available to the staff of medical practices in their everyday work to help. The clean interface and flexible features make for a pleasant and stress-free work in the medical field.

The functions of office & Configurable move up to three users per day with its own scheduling, individual presentation of the calendar week, appointments on the day of the week looking to create, marking vacation days and other absences, various search functions, automatic warning system at time collisions, appointments quickly and easily: Practice scheduler 3000 at a glance dates days or weekly, can be printed, any day of the week and show, individual adjustment of the opening times for each calendar you create a password protection.

Office & amp; Practice Scheduler 3000 Download

Limitations of office & Practice diary 3000

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