With the Sound Control - MP3 Party / Administration the jukebox comes as addon is that front-end and user interface for the guests. The jukebox serves as an information center and wish for the end of the song. Here guests can look very nice, ran what song is currently playing and what will come next. In addition, the music lover can enter his wishes in the jukebox, looking for titles that make dialing and so on ... The Sound Control takes the wishes counter and administers it in a wish for fair criteria for all. The communication between Sound Control and jukebox may optionally take place locally on a common PC or in the more professional version over the network on separate PCs. The network version provides maximum protection, as the guest PC may crash completely and, if required, without affecting the Sound Control. The Jukebox is an easy-to-use front-end request for guests including user guidance for operating errors. With the title history, an integrated Voting System and the ability to send messages to the DJ, it is an asset for parties.