The streaming service is - apart from the Trial - chargeable. We clarify whether you Apple Music without a credit card can use and if so, what alternative. Read more here!

The still relatively young music streaming service Apple Music is mainly intended for use on the iPhone and iPad. But you can also use it easily to a Mac or on the Apple Music Download for Windows on Windows PC. You can hear with Apple Music offline music, create playlists, etc. In this way, Apple wants to shake up the streaming market neat and competitors like Spotify push from the throne. Of course, this comes at a price ...

Apple Music without a credit cardApple Music can be used without a credit card?

Apple Music without a credit card - is that possible?

The offer from Apple comes with a three-month trial subscription to the corner. At this point a small note: After the three months, the subscription renewed automatically if you do not disable this automatism. After the trial period, the service costs 9.99 euros per month. The family package can be had for 14.99 euros. Apple Music is terminated monthly.

The default settings of the service are designed so that the user is asked directly when taking out a membership to his credit card. Is there any way to get around that? The answer is YES!

Payment options at Apple Music

(1) Whoever wants to test Apple Music goes to this site and completes a trial membership by clicking on the blue highlighted button Try now.

Apple Music without a credit card Trialconclude via the blue button, the Trial at Apple Music

(2) Any person who is new to Apple, is an account in which the usual personal information is requested created.

(3) Following one comes to the area of ​​payment options. At first it looks as if you do not have the option to use Apple Music without a credit card. So the option is provided as a preferred payment method in the foreground. This sector simply skip by specifying that one has no credit card.

(4) Now, including directly revealed a further payment option. These are the area codes of iTunes Cards. In addition, you can pay via ClickandBuy.

Tip: Payment of Apple Music without a credit card also has a distinct advantage. ITunes cards there are constant promotions. Who keeps an eye out here, can save up to 30 percent per card!

use Apple Music about Apple ID

In addition to membership users also have the option to use the streaming service via Apple ID. However, the functions are somewhat limited. So the Apple Music radio station or offline playback, for example, not with it.

The service now attracts the filings with iTunes data. Is there a credit card deposit, it is also used as currency. but it works fortunately also without a credit card.